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Perfecting mobile hour entry

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Logging the hours you make as a consultant has always been more of a necessity than a hobby, but it is also essential to keep a business running. Because this is such an important part of the job, we’re set on making this as easy and fast as possible, so consultants can focus more on consulting

To make this happen we have been working on the scope of making PSA hour entry work on mobile and we have just started the first round of user tests with the initial prototype.  Tests are being scheduled with customers and partners to not only make sure we make the best app possible for this process, but also for the actual people using our products.

We are making quick iterations and changes early on in the prototype and slowly, but surely, we are working towards a great user experience in the mobile hour entry app for PSA.

We will have more of these user test rounds along the process, so if you are interested in joining, feel free to send a message to sie-hang@exact.com (please note that for now, we are testing in the Netherlands)

Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator – Sneak Preview

Written by Toine Hurkmans on . Posted in Exact Synergy

The Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator is a standard toolset of Exact Synergy Enterprise for consultants to help them implementing solutions for specific business processes of our customers. The Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator will be a part of the standard Exact Synergy Enterprise software and will require no specific license to activate.

For customers it means that Exact Synergy Enterprise will better meet their business needs and fit within their core activities and business processes, without requiring a customization/custom solution. Exact Synergy Enterprise will therefore bring more value to your business.

The key feature of the Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator is the ability to add more maintenance cards and/or extend standard maintenance cards like items/projects/accounts/persons, etc. so information that customers need to run their business can be registered, accessed, used in processes and reports.

Some other features are:

  • Creating a menu, so a configuration becomes an additional module for Exact Synergy Enterprise
  • Configurable maintenance cards using drag-and-drop
  • Add buttons to maintenance cards so direct actions are possible, and to the new maintenance cards to extend standard maintenance cards
  • Distinction in types, similar to account types, resource types etc. Including different maintenance cards per type
  • Status-flow, allowing control of the status of information as part of a business process
  • Define access rights so privacy and security can be guaranteed

Please watch our sneak preview video, to see the highlights of the Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator.

We plan to have the Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator general available in December 2011. Interested?  More information will follow soon and meanwhile, feel free to send me an email or please comment on this post.