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Where-used information for components of assembled items

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online



Sometimes components become obsolete or are replaced by an alternative product. When they are used as part in assembled items it is essential to also update the Bill of Materials (BOM’s) of these assembled items.  For this reason a “where-used” tab will be added to the item card.

When an item is used in a BOM, the tab shows the related assembled items and the possibility to directly zoom in to these items and update their BOM details.





The where-used tab will become available later this month for all Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Advanced customers.

CAD link with Inventor for Exact Globe Next

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe

In manufacturing companies CAD and PDM solutions, like Inventor and Solidworks are frequently used, next to ERP solution like Exact Globe. To reduce manual and double data entry, many of these companies link the CAD or PDM solution with Exact Globe. You can do this by uploading the new designed items and related Bill of Material into the ERP or use the integrated solution there is in Solidworks.

 We started a project to further standardize the integration between Exact Exact Globe Next and Inventor (from Autodesk). We look for collaboration with customers interested to participate in this project or who have idea’s what the must-haves should be in a standard interface.

If you’re interested in participating please let us know.