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Important to be compliant

Written by Sabine Christiansen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Every country has its own principles of accounting and ‘being compliant’ is always a strong argument when going to market.

In Germany every accounting software needs to be compliant with the legal principles of adequate and orderly accounting of GoB (link in German language only). The compliancy has to be proven by a certification of an audit and accounting company, and for Exact Globe that has been done in the past for product update 304. Taking into consideration changes in software and legislation since that product update, it became more challenging to obtain acceptance for the existing certification. Therefore, we have decided to request an update for our certification based on the product update 400. In the beginning of February, our financial module in Exact Globe has been reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers and now we have signed versions of certification and audit report.

Although this had been a time consuming process, everything went smooth and fine and it’s a wonderful reassurance to see we are still meeting requirements in our software.

* Distribution of GoB certification for Exact Globe is done by PWC Germany directly. You can find contact details below in the comment section.

Photo credits to: Iphone-fan.de

Saving Time: Helping customers instead of finding documents!

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As an Exact Synergy Enterprise user you probably know you have a powerful Document Management System (DMS) available to you. On the other hand you might not realize this since it is so obvious that you take it for granted.

A lot of our daily processes require Documents, Presentations, Microsoft Excel sheets, Adobe PDF’s and all sorts of other scanned documents. Due to the integration of the Exact Synergy Enterprise Document Management System with workflow, HRM, CRM and the other modules within Exact Synergy Enterprise the DMS functionality might be overlooked but it’s part of the core system functionality. Let me take you on a short track on the Document Management System functionality:

Structured & Save centralized document storage

Predefined and configurable document types and templates allow you to structure your company’s documents and assign properties to them such as items and accounts. By storing them in the Exact Synergy Enterprise DMS you have them centralized and stored safely to be accessed from anywhere on the world by simply using a web browser.


Audit trail

Exact Synergy Enterprise can log all actions and changes that involved the document, generating an automatic audit trail and readers statistics.


All documents stored are set with security levels, so that only those who have effective rights to see or to edit those documents can do so. All these rights can be set easily to each employee according to their roles in the organization.


Since the DMS and Workflow system are integrated you can accompany documents with your processes. The other actors in a workflow process immediately have the required documentation which allows them to take appropriate action. Also the Check-in and Check-out and Versioning system improve collaboration by maintaining different versions of the document or to indicate an colleague is currently busy with the document. We also support RSS feeds, check out this video.

Finding what you need

With Exact Synergy Enterprise there are multiple possibilities to differentiate documents and make them easier to find. Off course any document can contain extra properties and metadata that may identify a document or author. The full text search engine indexes documents on its contents. Synonym search allows the user to use different word with the same meaning such as “proposal” and “Quotation”.  “Did you mean…” system is in place to detect misspellings during the search operation. And a rating system based on referral and occurrences allows Exact Synergy Enterprise to determine the relevancy of a document. On top of this all a tag system allows the user to attach specific keywords to documents. All of these systems can be used to find the document you are looking for.

Office integration

With the Synergy Office Integration you can easily create and edit your documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In Microsoft Outlook you can save your incoming and outgoing emails.

See related articles on the Exact Synergy Office Integration here and here 


Using the Exact Connectivity Framework (WCF) Services you can easily interface with the Exact Synergy Enterprise Document Management System. Searching, storing, retrieving documents from and to the DMS by other applications can be realized this way.

To close… some stats from our live environment

At Exact we use Exact Synergy Enterprise for all our employees, customers and partners. 2000+ people are working on a daily basis with the document management system. Out of curiosity I wanted to get some statistics out of our own environment, you will find them below:

Format / Name Amount
HTM 32%
Adobe 20%
Images 16%
MS Excel 8%
XML 2%
ZIP 1%
Database >1 TB 
# Documents 10 Million+
Most Read Globe Release Notes Current Release with approx. 600.000 hits since Jan 1st.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Photo Source: Doug Kanter for The New York Times