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Enter sales orders on your iPad in Exact Online!

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online



Catch the opportunity at the moment it happens. That is basically the key value add of having a possibility for you as a sales representative to directly “write” the order at the customer site after the confirmation that the products presented via the item catalog are matching your customer needs.


Sales order iPad

In the Exact Online iPad app, which is already standard available for Exact Online users and covers a wide range of capabilities, it will soon become possible to create a sales order, directly send a confirmation via e-mail and view sales orders and their status in a very intuitive manner.   Business benefits:

  • Improve customer service level by being able to act and confirm the order on the spot.


  • Reduce risk of miscommunication with your customer, which potentially might lead to additional
    contacts or delay in shipping or payments of outstandings.


  • Save time and avoid errors in the order intake process by verbal or delayed communication of the requested products to colleagues for further processing

iPad Sales order Exact Online

Sales order entry via your iPad will become available within the coming weeks in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Exact Online Manufacturing.

CRM App in Controlled Release soon! What makes it so fantastic?

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Last week we introduced the CRM App at Exact Live. At this event I did a live demo on stage showing how fantastic this new App is. Visitors at this event also had the opportunity to play around with it them self, and the feedback we received is great!

At this moment we running the final tests and doing some last minute adjustment, as always. With this we are ready for the Controlled Release starting next month. Interesting to join the Controlled Release? Let me know via martin.ortgiess@exact.com

The first version of the CRM App will be available for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is planned for 2014.

What makes this App so fantastic?1. calendar-3.png

  1. With this App we set a new standard for our Mobile offering. We aim to deliver a look & feel and usability equal to popular consumer Apps. Today this is quite unique for business apps.
  2. The functionality of the CRM App is spot-on. Where the App is useful for a big audience, we focused on the account manager. For him this App needs to be excellent. User research showed us how an account manager is doing his job and which information is most important to him. This is what we used to build the CRM App.

An account manager is focused on closing his deals, that’s what he is paid for. The CRM App will support the account manager by closing as much deals as possible by helping him to manage his work as good as possible and to give him insight in the information important to him.  Some key features most important to the account manager are:

  • His agenda: where does he need to be tomorrow?
  • Managing his activities: What activities does he need to act on today?
  • Insight in account information: What has happened last two month at the account I will be visiting tomorrow?
  • Clear overview of his pending deals: Which deals are planned to be closed this month and which to I need to follow-up on today?

15 request-3 These are exactly those areas we focused on when developing this CRM App.

In an earlier blog post this year, I asked you what you would like to see in this new App. The feedback was enormous and become the most remarked blog post on the Exact product blog. It shows how important Mobile Apps are these days. From the features requested there, below is an overview of what we will offer in the first version of the CRM App. The improvements goes much further than this list only, but I think it’s fair to first react on your input. For which a big thanks to all of you.


Contact persons

  • Add a new contact person to an account (also edit is available)
  • Contact person search in main menu of the App

Documents5. documents-1

  • Documents are easy to read
  • document list show when a document has an attachment and can directly be opened from this list
  • Document can be viewed from Employee-, Account-, Contact- and Opportunity-card, and main menu


  • You can first select one of your 10 most used activity types when creating a new activity
  • Easily process an activity and even easier to fill in the manadatory fields that belong to that step
  • Inbox (workflow) can be sorted on start- and end-date or grouped by activity type
  • Activities can be rejected, remarked, assigned and assumed

Other8. opportunities 2-3

  • Natural person is implemented
  • Less clicks are needed to navigate through the App
  • Calendar is beautiful and gives you a great overview of your planning and account you plan to visit
  • Clear overview of your opportunities directly available from the main menu.
  • Opportunities areshown on the account- and employee-card
  • The employee card is much richer offering a calendar, overview of the team he is working in, his documents and workflow


Exact Synergy App #1 Business App

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

This weekend the Dutch financial newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ ranked the Exact Synergy App as #1 Business App. A great achievement and big thanks to you for the trust in our product.

We are currently working on new version of our Apps which hopefully have us in a firm #1 position again next year!



The new CRM App is waiting for you in the Appstore

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Finally it’s there! After all the hard work we’ve done, we are now able to present you our new CRM App.

Download from Appstore today! (Requires Synergy Product update 252)

The App has been tested by a lot of our partners and customers during Controlled Release period and the feedback was fantastic. Our Controlled Release candidates rated the App with an average of 8 so far, which is a fantastic score.

One of the quotes we got back was this one: I have showed it to a lot of customers and colleagues and got a praiseful reaction from everybody. Final grade a 9!

This smoothly designed Exact CRM App is an ideal business sidekick. It tells you exactly how your sales opportunities are coming along and what your next action is to close the deal. Also see my previous blog post.
The intuitive interface gives clear insight in your running opportunities and pending activities. Keeping track of your accounts and sales opportunities has never been this easy. All information you need about an account or your opportunity is there.

All relevant account information is available. Think about the social profiles and Twitter feed of the account, but also contact information and associated activities, appointments, opportunities, documents and contact persons are there.

You got a perfect overview of your running opportunities. The opportunity card brings you all information you need to close the deal, including associated activities, appointments and documents.

This and much more will help you to show what is happing at the customer side and to close your deal.

– Sales opportunities
– Accounts
– Contact persons
– Activities
– Appointments
– Documents
– Calendar
– Colleagues

– the App is Multi language.

– iOS 6.0 or above
– Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 252 and above.

Not yet using Synergy Enterprise yet? Please contact us for more information. We’re happy to help you.

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You’re using iOS7 already? The Exact Synergy App is ready for it!

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Apple’s iOS7 is available to the world since 19 September 2013. I have been working with iOS7 now for a while and I am quite satisfied with it. Everything is in the same place, but the user experience is completely different from iOS6. iOS6 now feels very outdated, which of course it is.

For the Exact Synergy App, iOS7 means that we needed to do some slight modifications and adjust to the guidelines of Apple. We have updated our iOS Exact Synergy App to have it run perfectly on iOS7. This version of the App is available in the Appstore right now.

We did not make any modification to the look and feel of the App itself. Our Mobile development team is fully focused on completing the last phase of the new CRM App. This is a completely new App which will be the first in line of a new stack of Apps. This stack of Apps will be the successor of our current iOS App.

Exact Synergy App for iPhone 1.1 available now!

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Version 1.1 of the iPhone app is out. Download it from the App Store NOW! For our Exact Product Blog readers we’ll describe below how to activate the sneak preview of the dashboard functionality on your iPhone or iPad. You can find more details below.

Version 1.1 is a result of big improvements, which at first sight are not always visible. After the update, your app will still look the same.

Some nice improvements which are done based on direct customer feedback are:

  • Add your time stamp in your workflow remarks.
  • The handling of time off has been improved, to make it clear for you that your time off has been submitted and is waiting for approval.
  • For first time users, we simplified the login procedure.
  • The iPad can be used in landscape mode, which is a must for users with integrated keyboards.
  • 100+ other small enhancements, like the way you set the security level and priority in a request

One big new feature is the availability of dashboards to be shown on your iPhone/iPad. Under a new menu, option ‘Reports’ you can view all your SQL reports on you mobile IOS device. We still have several ideas how to make this feature even more powerful and are open for feedback by our users. Therefore we’ll make this functionality only available under a special sneak preview option for now.

How to get started with dashboards on your IOS app:

  1. All the SQL Reports shown on your Exact Synergy Enterprise homepage are available on your IOS app as well. So before you start, make sure you have the reports available on your Exact Synergy Enterprise homepage.
  2. It’s a sneak preview and you need to link the role ‘Sneak preview iPhone’ to your person card to get the dashboards available on your IOS app.
  3. Your Exact Synergy installation must be up to date (update in October2011 or later) or the mobile server files are installed manually (read more about this here)
  4. You are ready for the Action! Good luck and happy apping!

If you already use the Exact Synergy app for iPhone, you will be notified by the App Store to update the Exact Synergy App. If you are a new user, you can download the app here.