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Small enhancements…big impact!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

As from August 11, product update 394 of Exact Globe can be downloaded by our customers. In this product update, as with previous ones, Exact brings several major enhancements to the market. These projects are based on input from our customers, from the ERP market in general and market trends we see and finally, input comes from the technology side.

A considerable slice of the development capacity ‘pie’, is allocated to what we call ‘small enhancements’ that are a direct result of customer feedback. Exact receives quite a bit of customer suggestions every day and we’re happy with such feedback since it helps us to improve the product and increase the satisfaction our customers have when using the product. The best ideas are often generated by those users who work intensively with the software in their daily operations. Check for example this earlier post.

In this blogpost I want to highlight one of the ‘small enhancements’ we made in product update 394: Perform Multiple Payment/Receipt Allocations and Cost Bookings Simultaneously.

Originally brought to the attention of Exact by a customer who updated to product update 393. After this update, he couldn’t use ‘Analytical accounting’ (menu path[FGY])  anymore to allocate multiple debtor entries on to another debtor. He used this functionality frequently because as a result of his business (a parking garage) he received a huge number of electronic payments that have no invoice and are from unknown debtors. Exact had changed (disabled) the functionality they used since it lead to financial inconsistencies.

After we understood the scenario this customer was using every day and dived into it, we concluded that the allocation to a debtor is only a part of the process. There was a lot of manual work involved to get it booked on the correct cost or revenue ledger, using the right  tax code and other analytical values.

So we came up with a simple, small enhancement that would have the same result as before product update 393 and even better: next to allocating multiple receipts/payments to a debtor/creditor, users can also book it on the correct ledger and assign cost center/cost unit/project/tax codes in 1 go. have a look at the screen to see what I mean:

Product update 394: multi allocate

Building this new screen wasn’t a lot of effort from a product development point of view. That’s why we classify it internally as a ‘small enhancement’… But from an external point of view (the customers using it) this turns out to be an enhancement that is very much appreciated. Now that product update 394 is being downloaded and deployed by our customers, we’re receiving more and more extremely positive feedback on this particular enhancement. Of course the customer based on who’s input we developed it, was happy with the improvement and another customer, an organization delivering professional services on accountancy and business software,  told Exact (quote) “This new functionality is in 1 word GENIAL. It saves me hours of work”. More of these positive quotes come in on a  regular basis now.

A clear example of how a small project turns out to be a major improvement to many customers. That’s also the challenge for people working in any product development organization: balancing the time spent on ‘big projects’ based on market research that aim to capture new opportunities, versus smaller projects based on direct feedback from your existing customers. For the customer, this differentation between ‘big’ or ‘small’ is irrelevant by the way: the end-result needs to add value and contribute to a more efficient or effective way of working.


Photo-credit: spettacolopuro