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New Accountancy Dashboard

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

We introduced a new Accountancy Dashboard to help accountants to get aboard with Exact Online smoothly. The new user-driven Accountancy Dashboard is another milestone of our Accounting Core project to optimize the getting started process of accountants and entrepreneurs.

We will improve the first steps when getting started with Exact Online Accountancy and also will increase the use of new innovations by the current base.

The dashboard concentrates on the persona ‘accountancy partner’ and ‘team leader’ and includes  the following widgets:

  • company management: manage your internal and linked companies, including a way to see direct which companies have no scan & recognize and automatic bank link included to be able to increase the automation level of the accountancy practice. By adding a filter to the Accountancy Dashboard, the user is able to change and filter the companies he wants to monitor (all companies versus my companies). The information shown in the Accountancy Dashboard will change, so that he can focus on my companies;
  • bSmith & Partners Accountancy Dashboard V1y adding this widget the teamleader / partner gets up to date information which companies and processes need attention. The widget shows which invoices and bank statements need to be processes and which companies need attention due to exceeded deadlines. Via the Accountancy Dashboard the user is able to drill down to (new) overviews to take action.
  • uality management: manage the exceptions within your accountancy practice based on the indicators setup via continuous monitoring;
  • requests and notifications: one overview including all collaboration requests and questions from customers which can be followed up directly;
  • a direct link to the Accountancy Partner program.

The new Accountancy Dashboard is General available in all countries.