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Thailand Withholding Tax

Written by Elaine Chai on . Posted in Exact Globe

Withholding tax is a government requirement whereby the payer of an income withholds or deducts the tax from the payment and pays the tax to the authorities. This can apply to employment income, payments of interest, dividends, royalties, rent, etc. Thus, the tax is deducted before payment is made and may be refunded later depending on the circumstances.

In Thailand, withholding tax is a deduction from payments made to suppliers who provide a service. Whether the withholding tax is applicable and what rate needs to be deducted depends on the nature of the service provided.

In Exact Globe product update 402, we are happy to introduce the Thailand Withholding Tax functionality. The process starts with entering purchase invoices that include VAT and assessing the withholding tax amount upon invoice or prepayment. Then, you can easily print the Withholding Tax Certificate as a confirmation to your supplier and later submit the form P.N.D 3/P.N.D 53 to the Thai tax authority.

Taking into consideration that this is a highly demanded feature, localizations team has given the priority to include this functionality into standard Exact Globe functionality. We are also glad that the numbers of the pilot customers are growing. We will keep you posted when there are more updates on this after the pilot phase.

Please contact me at elaine.chai@exact.com if you have any questions.

Exchange payments and account information directly with your banks

Written by Alexander Kutilov on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online

Previously I have mentioned about the growing demand of Exact Globe customers to have the ability to start sending payment and collection orders to banks online and receiving bank statements online and thus having banking information real-time available.

This demand is being acknowledged by Exact and as a result we have firm plans on implementing such solutions so all up-to-date banking information is automatically at your fingertips.

As from the product update 401 Exact Globe supports this way of working with Rabobank in the Netherlands. It provides integration and automatic exchange of the bank payment files, bank collection files and bank statement files between Exact Globe and Rabobank, based on the Exact Online technology platform.

Since last month, when Exact Globe product update 401 went generally available, more than 150 Exact customers have registered for this solution!

Furthermore, in the coming Exact Globe product update 402, Belgian customers will enjoy fully automatic integration with Isabel Go . With the help of Isabel Go integration in your accounting package, you can exchange payments and account information directly with your banks.

Today Exact is also conducting research into presenting this way of working with other Dutch banks. Exact Online has already successfully launched automatic bank statement synchronization with ABN AMRO. Exact Globe customers will have the same opportunity in the nearest future.

You are welcome to stay updated on further developments in the area of cash flow management and electronic banking solutions through our regular postings on the Exact Product Blog.

SKU Management in Exact Globe product update 402

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

The functionality of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) Management is now available in Exact Globe product update 402, which is currently in controlled release. SKU Management enables you to tag any stock unit in your warehouse with an unique number. Instead of scanning warehouse, location, item, batch number and quantity per individual item, you now only have to scan one unique number. In that way it becomes possible to register and trace complete sets of goods from receipt, significantly improving your warehousing efficiency. This unique number is generated and the label printed during reception processes.

Please watch our video to see how SKU Management works in action.

 Should you have any questions regarding SKU Management, please do not hesitate to comment on this post.