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Enjoy Globe 397´s highlight videos!

Written by Bert Siekmann on . Posted in Exact Globe


Our corporate center of learning, Exademy, has released a series of excellent highlight videos about the latest update of Exact Globe.

Well, this is not that much of a news, since Exademy prepares such videos for every single product update for both Synergy Enterprise and Globe, and they have always been of notable quality.

However, there are two major differences this time.

First, Exademy filmed the new videos with our customers in mind and made them available to everyone. If you have already read about Globe product update 397, do watch the videos, because they are good and they tell a lot of interesting details. Since the videos are in now public domain, we encourage you to share them with customers, prospects and anyone else who is interested.

Second, Exademy produced the videos in such way that soon subtitles can be added easily to complement the soundtrack in English. This means that if you would like to share these videos with someone else, but you need to have them in a language different from English, there will be an option. You can get the subtitles files from Exademy, translate the texts yourself, and get a copy of videos with subtitles in your own language. We will keep you updated on the launch of this brand new service we will be providing.


Exact Globe 397 is now general available

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe

After a succesful controlled release period  Exact Globe product update 397  has been made general available on 30 April.  

Product update 397 is the second update in 2010 and we expect to deliver 2 more in this year, keeping up with the steady rhythm  of 4 updates a year that we have been delivering the last 2 years. With this release cycle we want to deliver to you continuous improvements during the year.

As of this product update all users of Exact Globe will be notified in Exact Globe of the availability of the new update and are directed to a product update news page. You can find all the highlights and other documentation of Exact Globe product update 397 from this page. We have seen that people are more satisfied when they use a newer product update. With this notification we want to bring the advantages of the new product update in a better way to the users so they are more inclined to use the new product update and in the end be more satisfied with Exact Globe.

So check out the highlights of the new product update, upgrade to 397 and become a more satisfied user!