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PowerPivot dashboards in Controlled Release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

In a world where entrepreneurs, managers and other stakeholders (both users and non-users of Exact) want to have a choice in how, when and where they want to have information about their business, Exact offers a new possibility to have insight in how to keep track of day-to-day-business-progress via PowerPivot.

We have chosen PowerPivot, an add-on for Microsoft Excel from version (Office) 2010, to use the reports in an environment that is familiar. The PowerPivot add-on is a free download from Microsoft and allows users to work with extremely large data sets.  PowerPivot is not available as a free add-on for MS Excel 2013. In that version it is only available in the licence Office Professional Plus.

In the last period we have created views on important tables in Exact Globe Next. Based on these views, we have built a Manufacturing, Purchase, Revenue and Stock report. The next good thing is that we offer these reports for free!

Two examples:

rapport_1         rapport_2

In the latest commercial release 406, the administrator has to execute a SQL script on the Globe database and change the data source of the PowerPivot sheet to connect to the Exact Globe Next database. As of product update 407, which is expected by the end of this year, the views will be automatically executed when the product update is installed.

At the moment we are looking for customers who want to work with these reports. We provide the reports through a Controlled Release program. If you are interested, please contact Justus van Hoegee (via justus.van.hoegee@exact.com) or me via phone (+31) 15 711 50 00 or via a reply on this blog.

News about legal changes for 2013 – Year-End Patch Update –

Written by Sabine Christiansen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Each and every year we all face the situation of lately communicated changes on VAT related reports and other relevant processes. To ensure in time delivery in a stable environment, we decided to patch all needed changes to our already general available product update 405 until the end of the year.

Below you’ll find a list of all already known and prepared changes per country you can expect to be part of Exact Globe Next’s product update 405 as of January 2013:

The Netherlands

-> Support of non-deductible VAT for January 2013.

-> Important adjustments in SEPA functionality based on feedback from banks and customers.


-> Authenticated sending of VAT return and EU sales list considering layout changes for 2013.


-> Support of simplified audit file submission  SAF-T as per 2013.

Payroll changes will be announced separately.

More details to come soon!

Localizations in Product Update 406 is now in Controlled Release

Written by Elaine Chai on . Posted in Exact Globe

What is happening in April 2013? The beginning of quarter 2? In Localizations, we are happy to announce that product update 406 is now in controlled release. It is always important to keep our users’ in mind in facilitating their daily operations and meeting legal and local business requirements. Therefore, user can expect numerous changes and improvements from legal, localizations, banking and direct customer feedback in this product update.

Now, let me share some of the features highlights to you. From legal, we have New INTRASTAT numbers introduced for year 2013 for EU, new VAT return Form 18 for Czech Republic, new version of XBRL taxonomy for e-Bilanz (5.1) for Germany and many more.

From localizations, we have Golden tax for China, Cash based VAT enhancement for all, new setting for Autofattura for Spain, Italy and Romania, and etc.

Last but not least, continuous effort on SEPA enhancement like SEPA credit transfer and Direct debit formats introduced to several countries , Import and export tool introduced to update Dutch, German, and Austrian bank accounts of debtors and creditors with IBAN and BIC code and many more.

For a complete overview on the features, please refer to the Exact Globe Next 406: Localizations & cross-border product update news.

New Thai tax identification number introduced

Written by Elaine Chai on . Posted in Exact Globe

Effective February 1, 2012, all individuals and business entities in Thailand should use a 13 digits tax identification number to replace the previous 10 digits. Although the new tax identification went live on February 1, 2012, the Revenue Department has extended the period of using the 10 digit Tax ID to January 31, 2013. The extension period is applicable for taxpayers whose withholding certificates, tax invoices, receipts and invoices have already been prepared using a 10 digits tax ID number.

As I have mentioned earlier in my blog, Exact Globe Next supports the Thailand Withholding Tax as of product update 402. Due to this legal change, all the related tax forms like the withholding certificates (P.N.D.3 and P.N.D.53) have been adjusted and enhancements have been added in this product update 405, which is generally available as of the end of October. For more information please refer to the release note.