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How do you experience our PowerPivot reports?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

In one of my previous blog posts I reported that we have chosen PowerPivot, a free add-on for Microsoft Excel 2010, to offer you free reports to keep track on your day-to-day business progress. PowerPivot is not available as a free add-on for MS Excel 2013. In that version it is only available in the licence Office Professional Plus.

In the last period of 2013 we have created views on important tables in Exact Globe Next. Based on these views we have built Manufacturing, Purchase, Revenue and Stock reports.  You can easily customize the reports, for instance to align them with your own needs, or build completely new ones.

As of product update 407 of Exact Globe Next, the latest commercial release, the views are automatically executed when the product update is installed. In document 25.623.801 (for customers, in Dutch) a lot of details can be found like installation instructions, setup database connection and reports.

If you already use PowerPivot reports or have built your own based on Exact Globe Next views, I am very curious on your experience. Would you please be so kind to share your experience with us by leaving your reply in the comment box below this article? It is highly appreciated.

Service Management: register single service activities

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Service Management allows users to manage multiple service activities within one service order. Customer feedback shows that for a lot of business processes only one service activity applies, knowing upfront who is the service engineer and the material that is needed.

From product update 252, which is expected for commercial availability early January 2014, we are introducing a new ‘Service order (single)’ request. This service order supports one service activity type per request and one or more service engineers and material lines. The service order request displays all information regarding the request and the corresponding activity in one screen. The user can define the layout (if user rights are granted) to show information in tabs or as page sections.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge.

 FlatRequest_picture1       FlatRequest_picture2


  • Support of a simpler user interface for registration and managing service requests involving one activity only;
  • A service order request only registers, plans and manages one service activity in the main service order request screen;
  • More prefilled (defaulted) service order information in the request to reduce number of key entries of the end user. This will make it easier to enter a request and will avoid users to make mistakes.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a reply on this blog.

Rapid handling of small-scale Service activities

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Service Management customers with many small-scale Service activities usually have a lot of activities that need to be authorized and realized every day. These are often in-house activities such as calibrating instruments, modifications, small repairs, etcetera. This process is currently handled per request, which means a lot of processing time.

To facilitate this process handling we have built two new Service Management pages with overviews of Service activities that can be authorized or realized. The use is very simple. Use the checkbox to select all Service activities in the list that can be authorized or realized or select activities individually. With one press of a button the activities processed. This saves you a lot of mouse clicks and time! 

SMS Bulk realization

This functionality will be available from product update 252, which is expected for commercial availability early January 2014. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a reply.

Perfecting mobile hour entry

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Logging the hours you make as a consultant has always been more of a necessity than a hobby, but it is also essential to keep a business running. Because this is such an important part of the job, we’re set on making this as easy and fast as possible, so consultants can focus more on consulting

To make this happen we have been working on the scope of making PSA hour entry work on mobile and we have just started the first round of user tests with the initial prototype.  Tests are being scheduled with customers and partners to not only make sure we make the best app possible for this process, but also for the actual people using our products.

We are making quick iterations and changes early on in the prototype and slowly, but surely, we are working towards a great user experience in the mobile hour entry app for PSA.

We will have more of these user test rounds along the process, so if you are interested in joining, feel free to send a message to sie-hang@exact.com (please note that for now, we are testing in the Netherlands)

New Field Service App available for iPad

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As of today, a new Field Service App is available in the Apple App Store (Requires Exact Globe Next 407, Exact Synergy Enterprise 252 and Service Management module).

Exact Field Service App_Apple App Store

The following new features have been added:

  • The look and feel of the Field Service App have been updated and is in line with the new Exact CRM App;
  • Search screen for adding materials remains active until you have finished the entry. The advantage is that all material can quickly be entered without reopening the screen every time;
  • When adding materials you can also search by item code. For frequently used items, the service engineer often knows the item number by heart. Like searching by description, the percentage sign (%) can be used as so-called wildcard. If it is known that an article starts with ‘123’ and slightly later ‘CMD’ you can search at ‘123%CMD’ and as an example article ‘123-4-KOPCMP’ is found;
  • Selecting items from different warehouses is supported. When setting up Service Management, you can define the service engineer’s default warehouse and other warehouses he is allowed to use. For instance the service-van of the engineer. The default warehouse of the service engineer can be defined in the setup of Service Management as well as other warehouses that person has access to. Based on this setup, the service engineer can select the used items;
  • Like in the previous Field Service App it is possible to register hours. The hour type can be selected and service engineer can also indicate which hours are within warranty;

 FSA - material entry    FSA - hour entry

  • Displaying the request number on the iPad. When a service engineer consults a colleague in the office, it is very useful when the request number is known to quickly access the related information in Synergy Enterprise.

The Exact Field Service App version 1.0 is supported from Exact Globe Next 407 in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise 252 (update on or after February 7h ,2014). The Service Management module is required. The Controlled Release version of the Field Service App (version 0.93) does not work with these system requirements. Please make sure you remove the previous version and install the latest version 1.0 of the Field Service App via the Apple App Store.


Happy New Browsing

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Another year has come to an end and a new one is beginning. We are making plans and setting goals in order to make the New Year count. The first one is planned for January 9, 2014. Because then Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 252 will become generally available. As of this product update you can enjoy the new and existing features using your desired web browser.

Statistics shows that Internet Explorer is the most used web browser but market share is declining. Nowadays there are more flavors out there to get connected to the World Wide Web. Not only different browsers offer you to surf on the web but also devices, such as tablets, smartphones and TVs. Giving you the possibility to use Exact Synergy Enterprise in other main web browsers we started a project early 2013. After a couple of months of hard work we reached the following milestone that 949 pages plus controls are compatible with the latest version of:

  • Internet Explorer 10 (compatible mode) on Windows
  • Google Chrome on Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox on Windows
  • Apple Safari on Mac OS

Together with 2013 the Controlled Release period has (almost) come to an end. Let’s welcome the New Year with the support of multi-browser and start making it count.

Happy New Browsing!

(Image Source: NY Times)

Exact Configurator – Documents extension into SOI

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy


As I mentioned in my previous post I would get back to how we would handle documents extension in Synergy Office Integration (SOI).

Once you have created a documents extension and installed the SOI that belongs to release 252 your fields will be avaiable in the document type that you have made the field optional or mandatory in.

When you open for example your outlook and select an email to be uploaded of this document type, you will see that the field is also optional or mandatory from the SOI.
SOI Add Fields















Within the SOI solution we encountered some limitations that we do support in the documents extension.
– Filtering in the browsers is not supported.
– Setting defaults is limited supported. You can not set a default with an expression or a reference. Of course this does work in the documents extension, but they will be ignored in the SOI solution.
– The fields in SOI have a specific display format, we can’t support all attributes that we do support in Synergy in SOI
– Four field types we were not able to support in this release in SOI: Image, Auto Increment, Sequence Number and Currency

We will work in the next release to getting this supported as well, but we didn’t want to postpone the release of documents extension for this.

Since Microsoft no longer supports Frontpage in versions later than 2007 we will also not support this in combination with configurations and SOI.

For our SDK developers that also would like to use the extension of documents and have it availabe in SOI you will need a Exact.PostInstaller.CSConfig.xml file. This file is already supplied by the configurator, but you can also create it yourself.
The contents of this xml file are quite simple and self explanatory for SDK developers.

Should you have any questions about this solution, do not hesitate to contact me at ruud.aalders@exact.com or add comments to this post.

Exact configurator – Documents extension is coming!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As you may or may not know we have been working in release 252 for the extension of documents and I can happily announce that the feature will be available in release 252. This was quite a big project and I would like to congratulate our development team for delivering this software.

The documents extension will be working in the configurator engine in the same way as all the other extensions will work.

Select the extension for document.

There you can add your fields and buttons like any other extension.

The fields will be available in a new tab in the document types. For easy maintenance an new entry for document types has been created within the configurator, where you will only see the document types belonging to your configuration. Of course through the documents menu you can also modify existing document types.




At the document type level can be set whether a field is optional, mandatory  or not used. Linking a document type to your deployment set will deploy the document type to the end user environment and the fields used in your configuration.






After setting the document type, the field will be available in the document. DocumentExtension

In the coming weeks I will inform you on how we will handle Synergy Office Integration.

Should you have any questions about this solution, do not hesitate to contact me at ruud.aalders@exact.com or add comments to this post.

PS: The extension will also be available for SDK developers!