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Is your customer loyalty rewarded?

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

Customer loyalty is determined by a couple of elements: relationship strength, perceived alternatives and the relationship at critical episodes. Over the past period, the relationship in difficult times may have been heavily tested.  If we drill down the customer loyalty factors, then we can distinguish transactional loyalty, emotional loyalty, overall satisfaction level and the level of competition.

In this article, I will focus on transactional loyalty. The transactional loyalty is based on facts. Transactional loyalty covers recency, frequency, customer lifetime and customer share. It is based on transactional records /evidence that shows how recent, frequent, long (customer lifetime) and deep (customer share) the customer is with your company.To support this evidence from customer point of view (and help in future negotiations with your supplier), we are busy with the development of a simple (though powerful) overview that will provide you historical evidence in relationship to your supplier. The overview will show the purchase value (price before discount), discount and the actual purchase price categorized per supplier.

To put all information about into a screen interface:

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Additionally, you can break down the information per item / assortment (and even cost center / unit) and have the same information related to purchase value, discount and actual purchase amounts.

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With the information as described / provided, we think that you as a customer have a good instrument to negotiate with your supplier. Of course, the other elements of customer loyalty are just as important and should not be forgotten.

Do you share with me that we have covered the most important ingredients from transactional point of view?

Picture credit: customer-loyalty_retention.jpg by enriqueburgosgarcia

No more workarounds for ‘Delivery notes’

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

Small companies with logistic processes have not been served with Exact Online functionality up to so far. Via a workaround (that is also used in Exact Compact Trade – product) it is possible to make a delivery note (via trial printing), however this is as far as the logistic delivery process is facilitated.  This will change very soon!

In April 2010 a new module ‘Sales order’ will be added to the Exact Online offering with separate planning and realization stages.  From sales order entry, you can enter your sales data (with customer specific prices) and plan your deliveries. Based on the planned deliveries, a picking list can be printed for order picking in your warehouse. Picking can be organized by various dimensions (order / planned delivery date, by item or by customer). After picking, the delivery can be confirmed with processing of the delivery (that can be similarly organized as the picking list). At delivery you can choose to process the shipment immediately or to combine processing with (electronic) output on a (customized) delivery note. Last step in the process is to invoice your sales, which can be organized based on the sales order or on the delivery note.

The new module characterizes itself by flexibility, speed and completeness (including a return flow of goods) and is positioned in between quotation and sales invoice. This offering will be useful to Companies with a simple and fast delivery process within a single warehouse.

The Sales order module will be available as pilot module in the controlled release that is estimated to be available in April 2010.

How would you like your eggs in the morning?

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

ERP systems are traditionally suited to show you data on request, but hardly bring information to your screen pro-actively. A nice feature of Exact Online that I really get excited about is the possibility to define your personalized cockpit that allows you to add graphs, charts or ratios based on your administration data.

For Exact Online, logistic functionality (purchase, sales and inventory handling) is on its way and we will incorporate a number of indicators that will be displayed to you first thing in the morning. Indicators that allow you to be in control of operations (pending stock revaluations, number of lines in backorder, number of planned receipts today, age of inventory) or performance indicators based on periodic information (inventory turnover ratio, supplier order cycle time, supplier’s performance).

This all sounds very nice (and I feel it actually is) but what we truly would like to hear is whether this is really what you would like to see first thing in the morning? Will it help you to be better in control? Do you know a logistic indicator that definitely needs to be present and is not mentioned above? If so, then please respond with the most important indicator to be in better logistic control.