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More new financial development on the horizon

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

In previous blogs What a wonderful world… and Don’t spend any more time on manual invoice entry  the new scanning functionality was introduced.  A beautiful way to save time. Time that you can now spend on your core business. So…what else do we have on the agenda to support your bookkeeping process?

We are working on a solution where you only have to enter financial basics like

  • for who (customer/supplier),
  • when (date) and
  • what (subject and  total amount)

when a financial entry needs to be created. Exact Online does the rest!

For often used financial entries it becomes possible to create templates. Known financial data like general ledger accounts, cost centers or cost units can be filled in. Further you can indicate how line amounts must be calculated.
Because essential data is already known at the moment a financial entry is created, using a template saves you time.
Furthermore, when the same financial entry occurs more then once, a template ensures that entries are created along the same line and reduces the likelihood of you making mistakes.

Where is it useful?
Let’s give a few examples where we think we can help you save time:

Imagine… you receive an invoice from the telephone company. You receive it every month, only the actual costs differ. The specification shows costs for subscriptions, actual phone costs, mobile phone costs, use of Internet etcetera. If the general ledger accounts are predefined per cost type and if the distribution of the costs is also known beforehand, entering the total amount will be sufficient to create the entire entry!

Imagine… you have a web shop and the invoicing is done by Visa. 2 % of each invoice goes to Visa, the rest considered turnover. 
When you can define this division as a fixed portion booked for Visa and the remainder as turnover beforehand, you’ll never have to divide the invoice up manually again.

Image… you have visited a gas station. You want to enter the bill directly into your Exact Online administration via your mobile phone app. You just have to enter which amount you have spent on what and where  (e.g. 100 euros for fuel at Shell) and the administration will do the rest!  

Can we make it easier still?
The new functionality will be introduced gradually in phases. Any feedback is welcome, just reply on this post.

The new face of the School cockpit

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

In previous blog “New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift!”  the new structure of all Exact Online cockpits was described. The School cockpit has however been given an entirely new look.

What is new and what has been changed?

  1. An Entry web part has been added;
  2. A To do web part has been added. Existing web parts ‘To Do Bron’ and ‘Per registration date’ have been incorporated in this new webpart;
  3. Existing web parts ‘Cultural background’ and ‘Gender’ have been moved to the middle section of the cockpit;
  4. The GTB web part has been added;
  5. Existing web part ‘Student starting list’ has been moved to right side of the cockpit.

This all resulted in the new School cockpit appearing as follows:

Entry web part

The entry web parts offers shortcuts to the following functions:

  • Overview students
  • Overview groups
  • Overview employees
  • PGN exchange menu
  • Entry of absence
  • Overview of fixed tests
  • Overview of own tests

To Do web part

For School the following To Do’s are shown when applicable:

  • Students to be registered
    This To do shows the number of students for which data has been changed after the last exchange of student data with PGN. The number of new registered students that have never been exchanged before are also shown.
  • Feedback to be requested
    This To Do shows the number of students for which data has been sent to PGN but for whom no feedback has yet been received in return.
  • Feedback to be processed
    This To Do shows the number of students for which feedback has been received from PGN but has not yet been processed.

The To Do web part can also show the following Alerts:

  • End of school year procedure
    This alerts shows between the 1st of June and the 31st of July the number of groups for which the end-of-school-year procedure must be executed
  • Parent meetings
    This alert shows the number of planned parent meetings
  • Birthday
    This alert shows the number of students that celebrate their birthday in the current week
  • Activities*
    This alerts shows all future school activities between today and 1 month ahead.
    *Each occurring activity is shown separately by it’s own name.

Cultural background web part

This pie expresses the cultural backgrounds of all students.

Gender web part

The pie shows the percentage of students that are male or female. The percentage of undefined students is also shown.

GTB web part

In this overview  a school can find the number of students that count for regular funding. The GTB overview shows different matrices for WPO schools and WEC schools.
The matrix for WPO schools has the following subsections:

  • Funded students
  • New weight

The matrix for WEC schools has the following subsections:

  • Funded student
  • Ambulatory accompaniment

Student starting list web part

This list shows the number of students that start at the school this week.

We hope that for schools this cockpit fulfills the multiple cockpit goals mentioned in “New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift!”   Questions, remarks or suggestions are always welcome. Please let us know!

Granting user rights in a user friendly way

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

How can you grant or remove rights from a user in Exact Online? A user in an administration has a specific function.
How can you assure that this specific user can perform only this function and not be able to view other inappropriate information?

Within Exact Online roles determine what a user can do. A role is a collection of several functionalities. A user can also have more than one role.

Say that your user is allowed to perform the following functions:

  • Maintain item groups;
  • Maintain items;
  • Maintain the prizes of items;
  • Import and export items

In Exact Online your user must have the role “Manage items”  – the role that grants the user the rights needed to operate the functionalities mentioned above.

Because the functionality Exact Online offers keeps growing, the list of available roles has grown accordingly. As the process of assigning them has become more complicated, we’ve been investigating a new way to go about managing the process. The pictures below show the results of the process – an improved way of working that will be available soon.

Instead of having to scroll down a long list of roles you now can go immediately to the correct functional area (=tab) where you find all related roles that are available. Where necessary the roles are further grouped per sub group. 

Let’s have a look in more detail at how the various options already available to you for allocating roles will look: 

Add Users to a Role
You can grant rights by adding a user to a role. The role is the starting point for you to then add one or more users.


Openening a certain role gives you the option to add one or more users:


Add Roles to a User
You can also start from a user’s perspective, adding roles to a specific user.

Copy roles
When multiple users are working in your Exact Online license they can often need to have the same rights. With the “Copy: Rights”  function you can copy the rights of one Exact Online user to another.  This function can be found in several places in Exact Online.


Administration access
You can also define to which administration(s) your users have access.

Audit trail
To keep track of all granted/revoked rights an overview is available where the history is kept. It’s possible to filter the overview – e.g. for a specific user. The overview can then be printed and exported to MS Excel.

Do you consider this grouping of roles to be more user friendly? Do you have other suggestions related to granting rights to users? Please let us know.

What kind of eggs do you like in the morning?

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

In the previous blog How would you like your eggs in the morning? was announced that you can create your own cockpit by adding graphs, charts or ratios based on your administration data. A very nice feature that brings information to your screen pro-actively.

At the moment Exact Online provides a list of reports from which you can choose. When a report is added to your personal cockpit, you can set some settings. But how the report is shown (gauge or column) and what is shown in detail is fixed.

For example the current Revenue report shows  a “list of revenue per account”. You can set the maximum length of the list.
But what if you want to see the revenue divided per region instead of account or what if you want to express the revenue by column instead of a list?

In the development environment it is now possible to fully design your own reports. You can choose:

  • which subject you want to build a report
  • if you want to see a matrix or a graph
  • in case of a graph: the kind of charttype. For example: line, bar, column, pie
  • what should be displayed on the x-axis and y-axis of your graph
  • which filters should be taken into account
  • which data must be shown when drilling down from the matrix or graph

Example of report definition (please click on the picture for a good view)

As developers we are curious to hear if you as a user only want to determine “how you like your eggs in the morning” or if you also want to be able to “choose the type of eggs” you want to see.

Make use of Exact Onlines automatic banklinks!

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

Via television and radio ABN AMRO recently promoted the banklinks it has with several online bookkeeping packages. Ofcourse Exact Online is one of them!!

With the module Exact Online Banking, Exact Online provides links with the following banks:

What does a bank link offer?
Depending on the bank the following files can be automatically exchanged:

  • bank statements and/or
  • payment files and/or
  • collection files.

What is an automatic exchange?
During automatic exchange electronic files from your linked bank accounts are entered directly into your administration without the need to manually upload them via your computer’s hard disk. Note that the frequency of exchange differs per bank.

Bank statements:
During import bank statement lines will be registered in the bank journal automatically and Exact Online will try to match as many outstanding items as possible. The advantage of importing bank statements compared to manual entry is that it saves time and prevents errors.

Payment/collection files:
With the module Exact Online Banking you can easily select and, if needed, edit items to be paid/collected and subsequently process them into a payment/collection file that can be imported in your electronic banking program.

When you have indicated that bank files can be exchanged automatically, payment/collection files do not have to be downloaded manually. They will be sent automatically instead. Exchange of the bank files takes place 24/7. The frequency of exchange differs per bank.

Note: At the moment only domestic payments are supported, no payment file can be created for foreign payments. Further collection files can only be created when this is supported by your bank.

Do you have a bank account with one of the above banks and no link yet? Don’t hesitate to request a bank link, either via Exact Online or your bank.

New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift!

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

A whole range of new solutions was developed and introduced across Exact Online  in 2010. Per function group Exact Online offers a cockpit. As the new solutions were added, more cockpits became available. In order to show consistency and clarity throughout the product, we decided to initiate a project to align them and ensure they all carry the same look and feel. As such we’ve been busy giving them a facelift in time for the new release. I’d like to share some of our changes with you here.

A cockpit is designed with multiple goals in mind:
• to give quick access to main processes;
• to give the user insight into the daily progress of work;
• to keep the user up-to-date – the user is alerted to news or other new entered data;
• to remind the user of things that need to be done;
• to  present management with periodic numbers of performance. 

To further support the aforementioned principles the improved cockpits should all: 

  1. Apply the same structure;
  2. Follow the same alignment.


Each cockpit has thus been designed with the following structure: 


The Entry section offers you shortcuts to the most used functions: 


The above financial Entry section allows you to quickly enter various journal entries – easy access to your main processes. 

Completed entries must then be followed up. The To Do section shows all occurring To Do’s and Alerts.  

To do’s show what needs to be followed up. Everything awaiting manual action (by the user) anywhere in the process should be shown here.
Alerts are signals you want to present to the user. Signals do not require immediate action. They can function as reminder that something is on hold or is waiting for action from a 3rd party. The To Do section, in addition to keeping you up to date and well informed, gives you starting points for your daily work.  

The results of completed work are expressed on the right side of a cockpit.
The Summary section shows totalized numbers of executed processes. 


The above figure shows what has been created at the purchase department during the last seven days – important information necessary for maintaining insight into ongoing work activities. 

So called Lists complement the overview of the current state of affairs. Here a relevant top X list is shown. You can think of the top 5 best selling customers or the top 10 of items that represent the highest purchase volumes. A list of accounts split up per type is also possible. 


The middle section of a cockpit is used to express key decision information in graphical format. The graphs don’t just show totalized numbers but can also be used to compare data – offering support to users when analysing their figures. 


The above graph compares the different sales stadia – a clear and concise way to present empowering performance data.


Per report type we implemented the same style and we gave the cockpits the same look-and-feel. 

The goal of the facelift is to enhance the readability and usefulness of each cockpit. To stay in line with the structure a new report occasionally had to be created. We hope that the new set up and the currently offered reports provide the daily information you need to empower and facilitate you in your work. In case you have any further suggestions, please let us now!

Will you be our expert in wholesale?

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

Our users are the experts.
Are you an entrepreneur in wholesale?

Then please help us shape our future solutions!
We want to know your business better so that we can improve ours.

You are invited for a workshop at our headquarters in Delft on September the 16th, 2010.

We will ask you to share your knowledge about your business and it’s processes.
The day also offers you the opportunity to meet with colleagues in wholesale.

Your precious time will be compensated.

Do you want to help us shape our future solutions?

Then please contact Jenneke Taal-Fokker or Lili Sukiriman at ux@exact.com
They will provide you with further details about the day.

Back to school with Exact Online?

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact wants customers to be able to focus on what they are really good at:  their entrepreneurship.
A school director’s main focus is the education of his students. The time spent on administrative fuss should be reduced to a minimum. This idea is not new.

With the Dutch system LAR Exact already offers a student administration system for primary schools. But ICT has entered the world of elementary education in a broader way. Wished for are systems that not only support the registration of students.
In the Dutch market it’s now important that a system provides a solution for protecting the continuity of a student’s school career.

A mouthful meaning that it is essential that:
1. Student’s data is registered only once
2. After the initial registration the student’s data moves with him were ever  the path of his school career leads him to.

From a student administration system  this asks, beside the possibility to register a student, that it must be possible to exchange student data with all organizations that cross the student’s school career.

Examples of Dutch organizations that can come along during the student’s school career are:
• The school the student will attend for his/her secondary education;
• DUO for exchange of the student’s personal number (PGN) and the registration of a student in the domestic system BRON
• Other general platforms like for example a municipal platform that registers the timely drop out of students

Exact Online now offers the successor of LAR:  Exact Online Onderwijs (EN: Education).

In Exact Online Onderwijs the registration of student data and the possible forms of exchange of student data have been standardized. The system is developed in accordance with the standards that apply to the Dutch educational market.

Exchange of student data with PGN (Please click on the picture for a good view)

This standardization makes it possible to exchange relevant data with a variety of organizations in more than one way.
And this solution combined with the general Exact Online advantages, like there is no necessity to maintain administrative software anymore, makes life for schools really easier. Less time is needed to run the school’s administration and more time is saved for what a primary school’s entrepreneurship is all about: providing the best education they can.

The first schools are “back to school” with Exact Online Onderwijs.  Do you dare?