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Back to basics with Exact Synergy Enterprise Essentials Video Series

Written by Aimee Swartz-Glancy on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Anyone who works with Exact Synergy Enterprise knows that its greatest strength (that it can do so many things) can also make it difficult to describe to end users. In response, we’ve created three video playlists which focus on three different functional areas within Exact Synergy Enterprise. These videos demonstrate the functionality from a user’s perspective and focus on the practical value Exact Synergy Enterprise can bring to these users in each area.

The ‘Exact Synergy Essentials’ series is made up of the following:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Essentials focusing on how sales and marketing professionals can use Exact Synergy Enterprise in their daily work including managing the sales process; running marketing campaigns; and automating the sales force.

The HRM (Human Resource Management) Essentials playlist includes chapters on recruitment management; time and attendance; managing day-to-day HRM; and performance management. The demonstrations include the perspective of an HR professional as well as a regular self-service user and her manager.

The PSA (Professional Services Automation) Essentials playlist demonstrates the entire life cycle of a project as executed by a professional services organization. It includes chapters on defining rates; defining the project scope; determining the budget; planning, entering, and approving hours; reporting on projects; and analyzing performance.

In all three video series we draw attention to the added benefits of having integrated document managements and workflow to support these different solution areas. We hope these videos will help provide practical examples of  what Exact Synergy Enterprise is as well as help end users to get started making the most of what Exact Synergy has to offer.


The new demo company MacBean CoffeeWorld is now available!

Written by Aimee Swartz-Glancy on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

We are happy to announce that our new demo company MacBean CoffeeWorld is available, so you can check the potential of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise for yourself. In Exact Synergy Enterprise we’ve created different solution startpages covering Synergy basics, CRM, HRM and other solutions. On each of these pages you can delegate as one of the related personas, read more about the solution via the linked articles or view related videos for more information. In MacBean’s Exact Globe database you can find different back office processes. Not only have financial transactions been entered, but also sales and production orders including serial/batch orders. The Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise databases were set up together using the Exact Integration, making it possible for you to replicate this scenario locally if desired.

The Exact Synergy Enterprise database will be available as of product update 247 (soon general available). You can also log on to via the MacBean Website by clicking the ‘log into the MacBean Synergy environment button’ from the home page. Please also check the release note for more information.

The Exact Globe database will be available as of product update 402 (soon general available). Please note that the Dutch Exact Globe database is already available as of product update 401. You can find more information about how to install the Exact Globe databases in the English and Dutch release notes.

Please take a look at the MacBean CoffeeWorld introduction video available in English and Dutch.

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