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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Viewing the quantity produced in a selected period

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Reporting the quantities produced in a certain period is a need in many companies. The Status overview | Shop orders does show a quantity produced, but this is a quantity throughout all time. A new filter option in this screen allows to show only the quantity produced in a user-selected period, and furthermore we can select lines with a produced quantity only.


Other overviews to view quantity produced

To some extent we can view quantities produced also in [Manufacturing] Shop orders, Finish reversals, Create:



(Click to enlarge)


The limitation of this overview is that it shows items that are received in stock or that are delivered to the customer. Subassemblies that remain the work in process (“issued to parent”) are not included in this report.



Viewing the quantity produced through the Status overview | Shop orders

In [Manufacturing] Shop orders, Reports, Status overview we have added filters to select a Transaction date (i.e. the date received) and Quantity produced > 0 (i.e. only shop orders with items received):



(Click to enlarge)



These improvements will become available for all versions of Exact for Manufacturing soon. The Ease of Use project aims to make Exact for Manufacturing easier and more efficient using the feedback of customers. Do you think we can make Exact for Manufacturing better? Contact Exact support and we dive into your suggestion.


More information with Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com


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