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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Minimum Charges for Subcontractors

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


When we place an order for an outside service, a minimum order size or charge often applies. These minimum charges can be maintained in the routing, but should be applied manually to the purchase order. An enhancement to the subcontract purchase order will now apply the minimum charge automatically whenever appropriate to reduce error.

Maintaining the minimum charge for an outside service

In the routing we can maintain the minimum charge for an outside service. When, for example, the regular charge for surface treatment is 1 EUR per piece, the calculated cost for 100 pieces is 100 EUR. With a minimum charge of 500 EUR, the latter precedes in the order calculation:


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Application of the minimum charge in the purchase order advice

The subcontract purchase order advice will apply this minimum charge and show a green check mark in a (new) column Minimum. As all purchase order lines are currently calculated from a unit price times order quantity, a unit price corresponding with the order quantity is recalculated. In this case it is 5 EUR instead of the (regular) 1 EUR:


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Altering the unit price for the minimum charge

When we change the unit price for a line that has a minimum charge applied (i.e. a recalculated unit price), we will be noticed with a yellow exclamation mark:


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These improvements are available for all versions of Exact for Manufacturing. The Ease of Use project aims to make Exact for Manufacturing easier and more efficient using the feedback of customers. Do you think we can make Exact for Manufacturing better? Contact Exact support and we dive into your suggestion.


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