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Exact for Manufacturing Innovation: Link to Cloud-CAD

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Fabricators of metal or plastic products, and machine builders, often use graphical design software (Computer Aided Design, CAD). The drawings are exchanged between customer and vendor, and the manufacturer will make the drawing available to the planners and workers. In the past years much innovation has happened to the design process and Exact is now leveraging these developments.

Industry 3.0: The advent of computers

In the beginning of the eighties the proliferation of CAD software has started with the introduction of AutoCAD of Autodesk. This type of design software could digitize the until then manual process of drawing lines on a drawing board. The resulting two dimensional drawings required much experience to visualize it as a three dimensional object. In the beginning of the nineties the innovator was called SolidWorks, where objects were no longer perceived as connected lines, but as massive objects like bars and spheres that could be manipulated on the screen (make holes, cuts, and combine). Together with the option to rotate the objects on the screen it made for better understanding the three dimensional nature of the designs. This method is called 3D-CAD.



Industry 4.0: Collaborative designing and the cloud

With the increased use of local area networking and the Internet, the possibility emerged to design collaboratively. Multiple draftsmen could work on the same drawing, as could customers and suppliers and third parties like design agencies. It became possible to view drawings through a browser, and now even to create and edit through the cloud. A very innovative startup named Onshape is one of the frontrunners of Cloud-CAD.


URL to the CAD drawing in Exact for Manufacturing

Starting today it is possible to save the URL of a cloud-CAD drawing in Exact for Manufacturing. The use scenario is not limited to Onshape as most CAD vendors are now following the innovator. We can save the URL of the CAD drawing in the bill-of-material version:


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The URL is shown as a hyperlink on the tab General pf the bill-of-material version, and under the picture of the item:


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Showing the CAD drawing

The browser with the drawing opens by clicking on the drawing hyperlink. Of course the user will have to log on to his cloud-CAD account. Once logged on it is not necessary to enter credentials again with each drawing.


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The hyperlink is also available on the shop order screen. There are plans to add the hyperlink to the Smart Shop Floor shop order details.


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This innovation is available as of now for all editions of Exact for Manufacturing.


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