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Smart Shop Floor material management Controlled Release to start

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


On November 9, at the Exact Live event, we have presented the material management functions of our Smart Shop Floor app for Exact for Manufacturing. We are ready now to start with the Controlled Release and are calling for customers that would like to participate.

What is material management about?

Earlier this year we have introduced Smart Shop Floor as our app to track hours on the shop floor, and as our digital shop paper. Now we are adding a function to track material issues, product receipts and by-product receipts.



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When you use Smart Shop Floor material management, you will be able to issue materials from the warehouse to the shop order from your tablet computer or phone. The app is supportive of multiple warehouses, serial/batch numbers and by-products (Exact for Manufacturing Advanced) and storage locations (Exact for Manufacturing Premium). By tracking materials and products via the app you will have real-time data on your job progress and inventory status. This will help you to manage timely deliveries. Selecting serial and batch numbers from your screen saves time and avoids data entry mistakes.


What is a Controlled Release?

All our applications are fully tested before they are going into Controlled Release. The objective of a Controlled Release is to receive feedback from the live environment of the customer. This feedback we will use to make enhancements prior to the General Availability. Examples of enhancements are the placement of fields, sorting of items, search functions and the used terminology.


If you would like to participate you should create a Controlled Release request by clicking on your username in the right-upper corner of the screen, My Exact Online, tab My Exact communication, New. You can create a Controlled Release request from here.



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More information with Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com


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