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Innovation Update for Accountancy

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The solution teams at Exact Cloud Solutions never stop working on new innovations for Exact Online. Why not take a look at some of the projects they are working on right now? Most are expected to be released over the coming months. This blog highlights the innovations for the Accountancy solutions.

Accountancy General


New Scan & Recognize Service

Less time pouring over the paperwork. More freedom to focus on driving your business forward. Automation is changing the way we work for the better, allowing the smaller details to take care of themselves while you stay focused on the bigger picture. Scan & Recognize is a great practical example of automation in action. Our new Scan & Recognize Standard offers a more basic but cost-effective option to our existing service, allowing you to automate the entry of purchase invoices.


A new alternative to your existing scanning service

Thousands of you already benefit from our existing Scan & Recognize Advanced. And if you do, you’ll know it’s a high-quality, all-in-one ‘ready to pay’ scanning service that makes it easy to capture and process all your receipts, purchases and sales invoices. But now, we’ve also made available a more basic but more cost-effective alternative. Scan & Recognize Standard is our brand new Scan service designed for both accountants and entrepreneurs. This new module offers a more simple ‘ready to enter’ solution that makes it an absolute breeze to enter and process purchase invoices (but not sales invoices).


High quality, low price

So now you have the choice. A comprehensive scan service that automates the processing of both sales and purchase invoices. And the new lite version. Standard might make an ideal first step into the world of automation for smaller organizations trying to keep a lid on costs. Then you can progress onto Advanced and extend the benefits even further as your business grows. By teaming up with market-leading scan supplier Receipt-Bank, we’ve also made sure our latest world-class innovation works as quickly and reliably as you’d expect – and is available to all users wherever you’re based.


Accountancy Practice Management


New Time & Billing for accountancy and bookkeeping firms

As part of the new practice management solution the new Time & Billing for accountants will become also an integrated part of Exact for Accountancy and will be included in a new Premium edition. This new edition is for several months in Controlled Release now and general availibility is planned for October this year. This solution will include fixed price, time based & subscription based billing, providing at least the following capabilities:

  • Easy time entry, including on your mobile
  • Budget monitoring
  • Work In Progress (WIP) overview
  • Productivity / Billability / Profitability reports
  • Flexible adjustment of invoice proposals
  • Flexible rates (set rates per employee, per service, per client)
  • Full integration with CRM, document management and accounting

New Workflow management for accountancy and bookkeeping firms


As part of the new practice management solution the new Time & Billing for accountants development has now started for new Workflow management in Exact Online which is all about staying in control for the accountant. Which means working as efficiently as possible with your clients and colleagues to meet agreed deadlines without exception. The secret to success in this matter is transparency: knowing who is responsible for executing which tasks at what time plus insight in status. That’s where our new Workflow Management comes into the equation. Designed to keep you and your colleagues effortlessly on top of every task at all times. Enabling you also to manage by exception. Only when things seems to go wrong you will be notified and need to take action. Whether it’s about tasks that come from assignments for your clients or more CRM related tasks.


Obviously, different kinds of accountancy practices undertake different kinds of activities. So we will offer the ability to define your own workflows or tasks. A default set of generic tasks, meanwhile, like setting up annual report and preparing VAT declaration will be included as standard.


The new Workflow management will become an integrated part of Exact for Accountancy and also included in the new Premium edition. Start of the controlled release for this innovation is planned for third quarter and general availability is planned for fourth quarter this year.



Accounting and General Product


You may find other innovations of interest also in the Innovation Update for Accounting and General Product

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