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Innovation Update for Professional Services, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The solution teams at Exact Cloud Solutions never stop working on new innovations for Exact Online. Why not take a look at some of the projects they are working on right now? Most are expected to be released over the coming months. This blog highlights the innovations for the Professional Services, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing solutions.

Exact for Time and Billing


Time entry corrections: prevent mistakes from messing up your business.

Got mistakes in timesheets mess up your project reporting? No matter how careful you are in generating project invoices, mistakes do happen and sometimes you need to issue a credit note for incorrect time reports. No one likes to spend time on their timesheet and people make mistakes by quickly entering their time reports. It could be that an entry was made on the wrong project or activity. As an office manager responsible for invoicing you want to easily correct such mistakes. Mistakes do happen, but you want to avoid at all cost that these incorrect entries affect key reports related to project progress, accountability and billability. Until now you were not able to make correct original hour entries once invoiced. This quarter will make it possible to make such adjustments. See also here.


Enhanced time & cost entry: modern, quick and easy time tracking.

As stated in the previous paragraph, no one likes to spend time on their timesheet. As an employee you want to quickly and easily track time and costs in a modern and user friendly interface. This quarter we will re-design the weekly and daily entry screens and improve ease of use.


Exact for Project Management

Communicate planning via Google calendar: immediate access to expectations.

As a central planner or project manager I want to allocate work to employees or subcontractors and communicate an allocated activity efficiently to the relevant employee – so I can prevent any miscommunications. Employees expect their planned entries to appear in their personal calendars, so that they have immediate visibility and clarity of what is expected from them. In the beginning of the year we added Office365 integration (now in CR) and this quarter we will enable third-party apps to connect their apps via rest-API and webhooks.


Exact for Wholesale Distribution

Order confirmation e-mail enhancements: target the right stakeholders to avoid discussions.

Providing a clear and correct sales order confirmation to the right contact person or persons of a customer is essential in order to avoid discussions on commitments later on. Soon it will become possible to send your e-mails from your personal e-mail address to multiple recipients when needed and optionally include attachments like terms and conditions.


Purchasing innovation: receiving more products than purchased.

When purchasing goods that are specially produced or shipped to you in bulk, the total quantity received can be less or more than requested for. Reasons can be to deliver all products that come out of a specific production batch or to fill up a container and save transportation costs per product. Soon receiving more than purchased will become possible for all purchase orders without adjusting the quantity purchased in the purchase order. This saves processing time and makes it possible to check the differences afterwards.


Exact for Manufacturing

Smart Shop Floor: Material Entry.

In the first quarter of 2016 we started with the controlled release of time entry in Smart Shop Floor. In the second quarter we are going to add functionality to Smart Shop Floor to record the consumption of material by and the receipt of products from a shop order. Smart Shop Floor is a responsive web-app designed for use on the shop floor to facilitate paperless and real-time operations. Shop floor operators can retrieve job data on a handheld device or touch screen, start- and stop time registration and record actual issues and receipts on a job without requiring full access to Exact Online. Manufacturers interested in participating in the controlled release may contact Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).


Accounting and General Product

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