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Innovation Update for Accounting and General Product

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The solution teams at Exact Cloud Solutions never stop working on new innovations for Exact Online. Why not take a look at some of the projects they are working on right now? Most are expected to be released over the coming months. This blog highlights the innovations for the Accounting solutions and general product features.


General product features

Social Business Software: stay on top of your business.

As an entrepreneur you need to be on top of your business 24/7. What if you could get active notifications when something happens that is important for your business, so you can take immediate action?

At the same time you expect your employees to work together effectively by sharing knowledge and information related to your business via tools that are always available to them. By making business software more social, you will be able to capture conversations that usually happen in hallways and get alerts when things require your attention.

As a first step towards this, Exact Online will introduce a timeline that shows activity of users with regards to CRM entities like accounts, quotations and opportunities. Soon thereafter it will also be possible to discuss updates on your timeline via comments.


Two-Step Verification: an additional security layer of Exact Online.

How secure is your data? Do you consider the impact when someone steals your account names and passwords via phishing?

For Exact security is key and to further increase security we will introduce an additional layer of security for all users of Exact Online: Two-Step Verification. By using Two-Step Verification we help you avoid misuse of your Exact Online account by phishing or malware.

By activating this innovation a second unique code is required besides the regular username and password login of Exact Online. This unique code is randomly generated by an app on your smartphone that supports the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol, like Google Authenticator. An administrator or manager is able to oblige users to activate Two-Step Verification for their users.


Exact for Accounting

“Getting started” checklist: get maximum results from working with Exact for Accounting.

We never stop working on a better experience for our customers. Together with the feedback of our users we are constantly improving the usability of our accounting product.

We want to provide new users with a better ‘on boarding’ experience. We will introduce a new “getting started” checklist showing the user all the important tasks that they need to do if they want to get maximum results from working with Exact for Accounting. Our focus is on the things that are needed, but often forgotten by users. We gently guide them in doing these essential things and setting the software up. In return, users will learn faster how the software works. They will also get direct results of their efforts: more options will be available to them, because the basics have been taken care of.  Soon available in Exact for Accounting


Mobile apps

iPhone app: find the right product in your item catalog by scanning it’s barcode.

Knowing your products, prices and availability is key to make a sale. Having a catalog at hand offering this information in real time is a necessity no sales rep can do without these days and is therefore much used by users of Exact Online. But what happens when the assortment is large or items very much  alike? You do not want to struggle finding products or make mistakes as your prospected customer expects a direct answer. It will therefore soon be possible for users in Wholesale or Manufacturing, to scan a product barcode ID like e.g. a GTIN ( UPC / EAN ) in the item catalog in the ” Exact Online for iPhone” App.

Android and iOS apps: my clients list for accountants.

To provide accountants ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to their client information a new ‘my clients’ list will be added to our mobile apps within Exact for Accountancy. This list shows the clients the user is involved in. Furthermore, from the account card in the mobile apps the user will  be able to directly access the linked company. On this account card we will also show the involved users and their roles so the user knows which collegues are responsible for which client in what way (e.g. relationship manager, accountant, fiscal advisor).


App Center

App suggestions: find the apps that are most relevant to your business.

Our customers value the apps in our app center. Therefore we decided to make it even more easy for you  to benefit from the apps in our App Center. By suggesting apps that we consider most relevant, we will give you better options. You will understand which apps are a good fit based on the marketsegment of your business, your Exact Online package  and the reviews of the packages in our App Center (on service, ease of use, value, features).

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