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Innovation Update for Accountancy

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The solution teams at Exact Cloud Solutions never stop working on new innovations for Exact Online. Why not take a look at some of the projects they are working on right now? Most are expected to be released over the coming months. This blog highlights the innovations for the Accountancy solutions.

Accountancy General

Two-Step Verification: an additional security layer of Exact Online.

How secure is your data? Do you consider the impact when someone steals your account names and passwords via phishing?

For Exact security is key and to further increase security we will introduce an additional layer of security for all users of Exact Online: Two-Step Verification. By using Two-Step Verification we help you avoid misuse of your Exact Online account by phishing or malware.

By activating this innovation a second unique code is required besides the regular username and password login of Exact Online. This unique code is randomly generated by an app on your smartphone that supports the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol, like Google Authenticator. An administrator or manager is able to oblige users to activate Two-Step Verification for their users.


Android and iOS apps: my clients list for accountants.

To provide accountants ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to their client information a new ‘my clients’ list will be added to our mobile apps within Exact for Accountancy. This list shows the clients the user is involved in. Furthermore, from the account card in the mobile apps the user will  be able to directly access the linked company. On this account card we will also show the involved users and their roles so the user knows which collegues are responsible for which client in what way (e.g. relationship manager, accountant, fiscal advisor).


Accountancy Practice Management

CRM and Document Management for accountancy and bookkeeping firms (general availability).

As part of the new practice management solution for small and medium-sized accountancy and bookkeeping firms the new CRM and Document Management are planned to become general available end of 2nd quarter. These innovations are fully integrated within the current Exact for Accountancy edition(s). Part of the new CRM is a client dashboard with notifications on Process, Quality and Advise providing accountants an improved 360 degree client view. This will help accountants to serve their clients better and improve collaboration within the accountancy firm and with clients. The new Document Management will for example provide accountants a recognizable folder based structure to easily save and restore relevant client documents. A default document structure will be included in this matter so the accountant can easily get started and the upload of multiple documents (by drag & drop) will be further improved.


Time & Billing for accountancy and bookkeeping firms (Controlled Release).

As part of the new practice management solution the new Time & Billing for accountants will become also an integrated part of Exact for Accountancy and will be included in a new Premium edition. Start of this new premium edition will go in Controlled Release in May and general availability is planned for fourth quarter of this year. This solution will include fixed price, time based & subscription based billing, providing at least the following capabilities:

  • Easy time entry , including on your mobile
  • Budget monitoring
  • Work In Progress (WIP) overview
  • Productivity / Billability / Profitability reports
  • Flexible adjustment of invoice proposals (additional improvements are planned during Controlled Release)
  • Flexible rates (additional improvements are planned during Controlled Release)
  • Full integration with CRM, document management and accounting

You can sign up for this Controlled Release by submitting in Exact Online a ‘Request Controlled Release’ (via My Exact Online / My Communication).

Please note that participation in the Controlled Release is limited. Acceptance will be based on first submitted and certain conditions you’ll be informed about upfront.


Accounting and General Product

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