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Got projects going over budget and clients not paying in time?

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

We recently introduced three new features helping you to not only better manage project scope and prevent project overspend, but also helping you to get paid faster.

1. Turn a quote into a project with a WBS
In most organizations the quote or estimate sets the baseline budget for your project. Until now, it was not possible to use your quote or estimate as a basis for your project budget when using a work breakdown structure (WBS)*. With this new feature you can now can turn an accepted quote into a project. Every quote line is turned into a WBS budget line. Not only saving time in setting up budgets for labor and planned purchases, but more importantly helping you to better control project scope and manage progress – and reduce productivity losses caused by over-servicing or budget overruns.

quote to project

2. Set restrictions to time entry
How to avoid your employees to track time against future or past activities within a WBS*? To ensure correct time entry we now made it possible to set restrictions on activity level. This will not only enhance correct time entry, but you can use it as well to block entries on those activities where time spent exceeds budget.


3. Add project scope to your invoice specification
When you are billing on a time & material base, your clients may request an invoice with a full and detailed list of services invoiced. For example, your clients may request for an invoice with a full and itemized statement of who did the work, a full description of work performed, the date the work was performed and the time spent.

Exact Online, by default, consolidates all individual time entries prior to invoicing. For example, all time entries from a consultant in a given month can be consolidated as one line on the invoice. Helping you to present a clear and concise invoice to your client. To address client’ needs for transparency, you can automatically attach an invoice specification with a detailed statement of services invoiced. Per client you can define whether or not to include such an invoice specification in your invoice. As from now it is possible to add project scope as well and print the activities from the WBS on that invoice specification. Helping you to correctly invoice your clients, and get paid in time. Click here to download an example of an invoice with invoice specification.

As from now these features are available for Exact for Project Management Standard & Advanced.


* Within the field of project management a work breakdown structure (WBS) is used to structure deliverables and project work. It provides clarity and control to all key stakeholders on current and expected project progress, but also on results delivered. It helps to avoid surprises in projects running late or over budget. Particularly relevant for those companies delivering projects on a fixed-fee base.

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