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Warehouse transfer advice for subcontracting and distribution

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


In Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing (Advanced and Premium editions) we have the ability to create multiple warehouses. With a warehouse transfer we can initiate the transport of items from one warehouse to another. We are about to release a function to create a transfer advice. This will benefit companies with a central distribution center, or those that subcontract manufacturing operations to an outside contractor.

Warehouse transfer advice

The warehouse transfer advice is available from the Stock positions overview. We can select a warehouse where the items need to be replenished to (this should not be the main warehouse). Based on the filter criteria such as Item group, Assortment(s) and the Stock level we can pre-select items that have a replenishment advice. When we have selected items, we may press Transfer advice. The advice is to transfer those items from the main warehouse to the selected warehouse. It is important that the items exist in both warehouses. If the item for example does not exist in the main warehouse, no advice for that item is generated.


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Warehouse replenishment in distribution

In a distribution environment, this new function will help to replenish upcountry warehouses, stores, consignments and delivery/service vehicles:


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Manufacturing operations at an outside contractor

In a manufacturing environment, this new function will help to transfer components to an outside contractor. It is important to understand that the subcontracting functionality can be applied in two ways. In the most common scenario, a shop order is raised on the main warehouse. Existing functionality allows to transfer work in process (WIP) to and from the subcontractor. This option has no automated transfer of components to the subcontractor. The alternative (now introduced), is to raise a shop order on the warehouse of the subcontractor. The transfer advice will automate the transfer of components from the main warehouse to the subcontractors. Upon finishing this shop order, we will have to initiate a transfer of the product back to the main warehouse (if required):


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This function will be released in February 2016. More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

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