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Enhancements Exact Online Starter

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online Starter is a perfect tool to increase online collaboration between the accountant and their/his client. The accountant is still responsible to do the bookkeeping, while the client has control over its business wherever and whenever he is. Based on customer feedback we bring Exact Online Starter to the next level with reminders, digital invoicing and mobile notifications.

Exact Online Starter – reminders

We received a lot of customer feedback to make it possible for entrepreneurs to send their own reminders in Exact Online Starter. So far they had to do it manually or needed to ask the accountant to send a reminder which makes it devious for both the entrepreneur and the accountant.

By adding reminder in Exact Online Starter it is now possible to print and send reminders per sales invoiceand to keep track of sent remindeExact Online Starter - Reminders 1rs

Exact Online Starter – Digital invoicing

We enhance Exact Online Starter with the opportunity to send digital invoices (UBL/Simpler invoicing, XML), so that clients can manage digital invoicing themselves.

Push Notification Starter Mobile

If you have not noticed yet….we announced push notification via Starter Mobile. A user will receive a notification at his iPhone and iPad when there are new actions, like a new my task, an approval of VAT return or overdue sales invoices. These notifications help the entrepreneur to become a better entrepreneur and it will enhance the communication between accountant and entrepreneur.

When available?

All features are now general available in Exact Online Starter in all countries.




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