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Support for warehouse location management in manufacturing

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


In Exact Online Manufacturing Advanced edition we introduced warehouses with warehouse (bin-) locations. An item can be assigned to a single location, as is common practice in small warehouses. In more professional warehouses, available space is managed so that items are not on a fixed location and may be dispersed over multiple locations. Exact Online Manufacturing is starting with support for this use case.

Location management by version

In Exact Online Manufacturing Basic it is not possible to define (bin-) locations. It is assumed that warehouse management depends on visual clues like storing items by category and labeling locations by item code. In Exact Online Manufacturing Advanced items may be assigned to a single location. One location may be used by multiple items however. Examples of this type of location use include A100-Sheets, A200-Tubes, A300-Profiles, and A400-Fasteners etc. In Exact Online Manufacturing Premium we are introducing the ability to store a single item on multiple locations.



The support for warehouse location management in manufacturing is inherited from Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium. This functionality has been extended to the manufacturing related (product-) receipt and (material-) issue screens using conventions that are also used in Wholesale Distribution like splitting a line when multiple locations are involved for the same item:




Backflush from multiple locations

A particular situation that only occurs in manufacturing is backflush. When a material item is backflushed, inventory is automatically adjusted. The prevailing logic is to reduce inventory from the (default) item location first until it is zero. Then, inventory is taken from other locations, emptying locations with least inventory first. Lastly, inventory is again taken from the default item location, becoming negative. Of course if negative stock is not allowed (setting!), then backflush will not cause any location to go negative and a backflush error is generated.


The feature for warehouse location management will become part of Exact Online Manufacturing Premium. Customers using Exact Online Manufacturing Advanced that are interested in a controlled release of warehouse location management can now express their interest to Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com. The controlled release is about to commence.

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