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Exact CRM for CITRIX now available!

Written by Sonja Bloemers - Blom on . Posted in Exact Synergy

The Exact CRM app is available for some time now and is used throughout the world. With modern technologies, security is a hot topic. More and more companies want to control the apps that employees use within the company on their (private) phones.

One way of controlling this is to use Citrix MDX technology. With this, all apps and data reside in a container, separated from personal apps and data on the user’s mobile device. This allows IT to set comprehensive policy-based controls such as data leakage prevention and the ability to remote lock, wipe and encrypt apps and data.

Citrix MDX technology makes it easy for enterprise IT to apply security and access policies to the Exact CRM app across any iOS and Android device.

In the last few months, the mobile team has been working together with the Citrix Ready team to have the Exact CRM app Citrix Ready Worx Verified. We are glad to announce that the app has passed a rigorous testing process from Citrix to ensure that the Exact CRM app if fully enabled with Citrix MDX app container technology for usage in Citrix XenMobile Enterprise implementations.

The functionality offered in the Exact CRM for Citrix App the same as the Exact CRM app. It gives insight in your sales opportunities, your running opportunities and pending activities. You can keep track of your accounts and contacts. All relevant account information is available. Think about the social profiles and Twitter feed of the account, but also contact information and associated activities, appointments, opportunities, documents and contact persons are there. The integrated Reporting functionality of Exact Synergy Enterprise can be used in both a generic context as well as in the context of Accounts.

You can download the app via the Citrix Worx app or from the Apple store or the Google store.


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