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Creating a bank account in Exact Online

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online



Entrepreneurs and accountants want to start quickly with Exact Online and have an enjoyable user experience from beginning to end. One of the first things you should do when starting with Exact Online is create a bank account. Exact Online requires bank accounts for importing bank statements and making payments.

To speed up the process we are simplifying the process for creating a bank account. You can create a bank account via the master data of journals where you should enter G/L accounts, currency and other details.

In the new screen (soon available), most of the information like G/L accounts are prefilled but will be still adjustable via the advanced settings. You only have to fill in the bank account number and everything else can be prefilled for you. In the general screen it will also be possible to create the automatic bank link.

All this makes it much easier and faster to create a bank account in Exact Online.



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