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Change regarding the availability of older service packs

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

In October Exact introduced the service packs for distributing the latest product improvements for Exact Globe and Exact Synergy.

With the availability of a new service pack, the previous service packs were still available. For instance when 410SP2 was releases, it was still possible to download 410SP1 and 410.

To make sure you are always using the most recent version including all improvements it has been decided that as of now only the most recent service packs will be available for download by our customers.

This means that at this moment only Exact Globe 409SP3, Exact Globe 410SP3, Exact Synergy 254SP3 and Exact Synergy 255SP3 are available to download.

Update 11-1-2016: With the availability of service pack 4, at this moment (11-1-2016) only Exact Globe 409SP4, Exact Globe 410SP4, Exact Synergy 254SP4 and Exact Synergy 255SP4 are available to download. For payroll customers also Exact Globe 411 and Exact Synergy 256 are available for download.

In case a customer cannot update to the most recent service pack, a software set with the specific service pack can be ordered (Via FTP or DVD). This can be done by entering a support request via the customer portal or by contacting the support department of Exact or your Exact partner. In this case it’s very important to perform a clean installation of Exact Globe. For more information, see How to perform a clean installation of Exact Globe?

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