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Shop paper enhancements for constructors

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


In the materials section of the shop order (bill of materials version, quotation calculation) we can specify for each material a quantity Materials per piece. But if we require a material with shape characteristics (like a sheet or a bar), it appears that we cannot longer specify how many Materials per piece but have to specify how many Pieces per sheet or Pieces per bar we need. But what if we want to specify both?

Once more: what exactly is the issue here?

Suppose we want to calculate for a table with four legs. Each legs measures 30 cm. My material is timber that measures 100 cm. In my materials section, I choose for timber and my calculator shows Pieces per bar. When I enter the required dimension (30 cm) in the calculator, the result shown is 3 Pieces per bar.


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But where do I specify that I need 4 legs per table? And how do I present this to the shop floor?


Use of the field Pieces per in the calculator

In the material calculator, we have to specify the dimensions of each piece (here, a piece is a leg). We can also specify how many pieces we need for one unit of product (here, the product is a table). That is where we fill in 4 if we need four legs per table.


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Enhancement: Calculator fields added to the materials section of the shop paper

On the shop paper, in the Materials section (lines) we have added fields for Pieces per, Planned pieces (which is the total number of pieces per order) and the dimensional requirements per piece.


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In this example we calculate the material requirements for a single roof element for a structural construction.


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We have to produce four of these. In our shop paper we could show:


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This enhancement is based on customer feedback and has been released in December 2015.

More information with Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com

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