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Quote to project

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Can you send me a quote or estimate for your services? Not every service quote is a 20-page proposal, with extensive details on how project work will be delivered. What if the majority of your service quotes is related to smaller (lower-value) jobs for a few days of work? Or if they relate to repeat or extra work orders? As a service provider you want to quickly build and communicate such quotes and estimates to your client without any hassles. We made some enhancements that will not only help you to save time, but also will help you to seamlessly manage the handover from sales to delivery and finance.

Improved e-mailing
Using Exact Online you can quickly build your quote or estimate based on the services requested. Once you build your quote you can generate a word or pdf document. With the new improved e-mail option you will see a preview of your quote and you have more control over how it will be sent. For example, you can send it to multiple email addresses (including CC and BCC), choose the ‘From’ address, or preview the e-mail text and add attachments to your quotation email.


Seamless handover from quote to project
Upon acceptance, you can now instantly transform your quote or estimate into a project to ensure a seamless handover from sales to delivery and finance. From the project file, you can easily see which quotes or opportunities are related to the project. Enabling you to have a 360 degree of project history, without missing any information generated during the sales cycle.

Invoice as quoted
We added a new option ‘invoice as quoted’ – enabling you to efficiently turn your quote into a fixed-fee project invoice. The invoice exactly reflects what was quoted, including notes and discounts, leaving no room for misunderstandings or errors – helping you to get paid quickly.

The ‘invoice as quoted’ option also gives you more flexibility to quote your services. For example, if you want to quote and invoice your services in days instead of hours. With this new feature you can do so, whilst tracking actual time budgeted and spent in hours. Days can be converted to budgets set in hours.

What if you want to invoice extras? You can still adjust the final invoice, e.g. to make adjustments based actual work delivered. Simply add any extra’s to the invoice. You can also automate and automatically add extra work to your invoice. Click here to read more on this topic.


What’s next?
We will continue to improve handling quotes in Exact Online for Professional Services. Soon we will add the ability to view costs and margins. We also want to streamline the quote to WBS process – and automatically convert quoted lines into WBS budget lines. Saving time to set up your budgets and helping you to better manage scope and track actuals vs. budget during project delivery.


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