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Important notice for E-WMS and ICL customers updating to Exact Globe Next product update 411

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

This post applies to E-WMS customers, updating to Exact Globe Next 411 (or higher).

For customers using ICL (Intercompany Logistics), only section ‘services’ below applies.


In product update 411 the E-WMS IIS web application has been changed:

  • The installation and presence of Exact Globe Next is no longer required for E-WMS on the IIS server
  • E-WMS ASP now uses .NET Framework 4.5, instead of .NET Framework 3.5
  • E-WMS ASP can now be configured as a 64 bit IIS process


This means, after updating to 411 you will have to perform following actions, before E-WMS ASP can be used:

  • the IIS ‘application pool’  needs to be configured for ‘integrated’ pipeline mode instead of ‘classic’ pipeline mode, and for .NET Framework 4.5
  • it is required to have “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013” installed on the IIS server
  • The SQL user configured for E-WMS ASP now needs to be SQL Sysadmin or db_owner

This document provides more information on what steps to take on the IIS server.


Changed version check

A side effect of these changes is that the ‘software version’ check method of E-WMS has changed. In previous releases, E-WMS compared file versions of the Exact Globe Next workstation installation versus versions of files used by the E-WMS ASP web process. Since the presence of Exact Globe Next on the IIS server is no longer required, this version check method could no longer be used.

The E-WMS software version is now updated in the Exact Globe Next database. To update this version to the current installed version, an E-WMS control center has to be started first. Only after this is done, it is possible to succesfully logon to an E-WMS web session (WMSclient).



Also the E-WMS and ICL services have been changed to verify the installed service version, versus the software version found in the database.

To update the version in the database for the ICL services, an ICL control center has to be started first after an update. This has to be done seperately in the sales- or purchase database, and in the central database.



Please note that it is also necessary to reinstall WMSclient on your hand terminals. If you have a coldboot set including WMSclient, don’t forget to replace the file WMSclient.cab with the new version.








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