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From a tablet into the cloud: Introducing Smart Shop Floor

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Smart Shop Floor is the cloud app used by factory operators to retrieve job data from and record job progress in Exact Online Manufacturing. It will enable paperless shop operation floor and real time communication and it is available for all screen sizes including tablets and phones.

Shop floor time registration

We have recently started the controlled release for the shop floor time registration functionality. With this functionality, shop floor operators can view the routing steps released to their work center(s). They can record time spent on that routing step, by means of a start/stop timer, or by manual time entry. In addition, they can report operation progress (throughput or percentage complete) and operation status.


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Shop floor material registration

The next functionality to be released is intended for the registration of material issued to the shop order and product received from the shop order. Depending on the Exact Online for Manufacturing version, serial/batch numbers can be registered (Advanced) and warehouse locations used (Premium). The shop floor material registration functionality is planned for controlled release in the second quarter of 2016.


New technology used

Smart Shop Floor is the first responsive web app on the Exact Online platform. That means that it runs in a browser on Windows, Android and (Apple) iOS, and on all screen sizes. It does not require a local installation like a native app and it is therefore always up to date.


Details about using Smart Shop Floor can be found here:

Setting up a user for Smart Shop Floor

Logging on/logging off Smart Shop Floor

Viewing the shop order in Smart Shop Floor

Releasing a shop order to Smart Shop Floor

Recording time in Smart Shop Floor

Smart Shop Floor will be General Available for all versions of Exact Online Manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. More information with Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com


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