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Exact Synergy Classic app available in the app stores now!

Written by Sonja Bloemers - Blom on . Posted in Exact Synergy

A new app has become available in the app stores to use for Exact Synergy (Enterprise): the Exact Synergy Classic app!

The Exact Synergy app has been around for some years now. This apps supports both Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Synergy (also known as ASP or Classic).

In the meantime, more apps have become available in the app stores, like the Exact CRM, Exact Self Service, Exact Expenses, Exact Field Service and the Exact Hour Entry app. These apps are build with new technologies and can be used when using Exact Synergy Enterprise as of product update 252. Using these new technologies offers more functionality, like push notifications.

Coming spring, the Exact Synergy app will be upgraded to this new technology. As a result, only users of Exact Synergy Enterprise PU 252 or higher will be able to use this app. So users that have Exact Synergy (Classic) or Exact Synergy Enterprise with a lower version than PU 252, will not be able to use the Exact Synergy app anymore once it is upgraded to the new version.

Therefore, a new app is now available in the store, especially for those users of Exact Synergy (Classic) and Exact Synergy Enterprise (PU 251 or lower): the Exact Synergy Classic app! This app offers the same functionality as the (current) Exact Synergy app. Note that this app can NOT be used by users of Exact Synergy Enterprise with PU 252 or higher.

In the coming period, users of the Exact Synergy app that work with Exact Synergy (Classic) or Exact Synergy Enterprise PU 251 or lower will be notified that they should install the Exact Synergy Classic app. After installing the new app, they need to enter the correct URL and credentials. The correct URL and credentials can be taken from the Exact Synergy app, via the Settings menu.

You can download the app via iTunes or Google Play Store.

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Comments (2)

  • Armand Wilhelm


    Will the synergy app also be updated with the new technology for windows phone users?


    • Sonja Bloemers - Blom


      Hi Armand,
      This week the Exact Self Service app has been released to the Microsoft store. We aim to release the Exact Expenses app also this year en the Exact CRM app in January 2016. After that our plan is to release the Exact Hour Entry app in the Microsoft store. So all functionality that is in the current Exact Synergy app for Windows phone will then also be available with the new technology. After that we will have to decide if we will also release a new Exact Synergy app in the Microsoft store.
      Hope this gives you enough information for now!


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