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Exact launches first universal app for Windows 10

Written by Sonja Bloemers - Blom on . Posted in Exact Synergy

We are incredibly proud to be one of the first companies in the Netherlands to build Windows 10 Apps. The Exact Self Service App is the first of several Windows Apps built on the new universal Windows platform.

With the Universal Windows platform, it has become extremely easy to build apps for desktops, tablets and phones. Microsoft has delivered a platform that enabled us to create the one app experience that extends across all Windows 10 devices.

With the same features as the iOS and Android version but now on Windows 10 you experience the content the same way on all your Windows devices. On your desktop you can use drag and drop to easily add attachments and on your mobile device you can ask Cortana to show your payroll slip or report sick.

You can check out the work in your Inbox, have insight in your time off balance, payroll slips, personal files and sick leaves and you’re able to request for a day off or call in sick. And if you need to contact a colleague, you can find the right number or email address.

No wonder we are very pleased to announce that the all new Exact Self Service App for Windows 10 can now be downloaded from the store.

Coming Januari Exact will release the Exact Expenses App and the Exact CRM App.


Inbox as seen on a desktop


Inbox as seen on a phone



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