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Communicate planning to Office 365 or Outlook calendars

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

It is now possible to push planned work in Exact Online to your personal Microsoft Office 365® or Outlook® calendars. This will enhance efficient communication between central planner or project manager responsible for planning and the planned employees.

Better managed staff resource
How much capacity is available? Who is available to do the job? For many professional services firms capacity and utilization are key. Exact Online Project Management provides a visual overview of availability capacity and visibility into the capacity forecast to improve (billable) utilization. Work is allocated using simple drag & drop capacity planning boards.

What’s new?
Via ‘my planning’ any employee can track planned work and leave. It is now also possible to set up your preferred calendar integration. Once planned in Exact Online, you will receive a calendar notification in Microsoft Office 365® or Outlook®. Change of plans? No worries, your calendar will be updated once changes are made.


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Allow employees to plan their own work
Are you available next week? If allowed, employees can now respond immediately to such new work requests and immediately plan their work in Exact Online. Allowing employees to plan themselves will not only save time by both the planner and consultant, but also creates opportunities to improve billable utilization rates.

plan themselves

Above added features are now in controlled release and available in Exact Online Project Management. If you would like to join the controlled release program please contact Remco.kroes@exact.com. We will continue this year by adding Google calendar integration.

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