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The Exact Online for Apple Watch app

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

comp-apple-watch-ukApple has reimagined the watch – and that’s given us the opportunity to do the same with Exact Online. So if you’ve been tempted by the latest time-telling technology, discover our new app made especially for Apple Watch.

Time for our latest app innovation

Your key business information has never been closer to hand. That’s because Exact Online have just developed a brand new and really rather exciting app for Apple Watch. So if you couldn’t resist the latest gorgeous gadget from one of the world’s coolest brand, read on…

Information at the flick of a wrist

Can’t find your phone? On a call and need to check a fact fast? No problem at all. Because from now on, all the information you’re ever likely to need is right there on your wrist. It’s never been easier to stay on top of your finances and in control of your business.

Keep an eye on a lot more than the time

Sound good so far? So what does the app for Apple Watch actually let you do? Well for starters, you can keep a close eye on your bank and cash balances in real time. Not to mention outstanding items for both customers and suppliers: view the total, or group items together by the number of days outstanding: <30, 30-60 and >60. And it doesn’t stop there.

And there’s more…

Our new app for Apple Watch also lets you check results and compare them with the previous year’s figures. And you can do the same for the results of the three latest periods and compare them with last year to see exactly how well you’re doing. All at a glance. All in an instant.



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