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Insight into margin when negotiating a sale!

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

In scenarios where lowering the sales price of a product or some products in a Quotation or Sales order is needed to make the sale, it is important to have direct insight in the margin you are expected to make. In a competitive environment one cannot always stick to the list price, still it remains important to retain healthy margins and when not, then let it be a conscious decision to give some on the short term in order to gain or retain a long term relationship with your customer.



In Quotations and Sales orders the cost price and margin information of items will become visible. On a line level the margin will be presented based on the net sales price and item cost price at the moment of entry. On a total level the total margin will be presented. When applicable the total order discount will be taken into account as well.


Cost price

Note that it is the actual cost price of the item at the moment of entry that is presented, stored and remains attached further in the sales process. The reason for saving the cost price at the moment of creating a Quotation or Sales order line is to avoid discussions about the rational of accepting a Quotation or Sales order afterwards.

The objective is to enable visibility for negotiating and looking back in history when queries arise. So should a cost price of an item change after entry, it will not be adjusted in existing lines.

When delivering the goods, the actual cost price at the moment of delivery is used to register the costs financially so can differ from the cost price at the moment of entry. This realized actual margin will remain visible in the margin overview as is currently already the case.


User rights

Insight into cost price and margin information in the sales process can be granted via individual user rights. Users with rights can select the information to become visible via the customize icon in the Quotation and Sales order entry screen.


This enhancement is expected to become available in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution at the end of Q4 of 2015.





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