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Preventing negative stock in manufacturing

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


When we update stock receipts and issues in Exact Online not in the same order as they physically happen, it could be that stock becomes negative. As the actual stock is never negative, observing a negative stock quantity in Exact Online indicates that something went awry. The most likely cause is that the issue of goods has been recorded before the receipts have been recorded. A new setting prevents stock from going negative.

Setting: Allow negative stock

The setting Allow negative stock is found under Settings: Inventory. This setting is included in Exact Online for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing, in all editions and all countries.  This product blog addresses the properties of Allow negative stock for manufacturing specific functionality only. For Wholesale Distribution please look at https://blogs.exact.com/products/2015/05/avoid-stock-quantities-from-going-negative-in-exact-online/

By default Allow negative stock is checked, meaning that we do allow negative stock.


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When we uncheck Allow negative stock, stock is prevented from going negative. Existing negative stock quantities remain. Only after those quantities become larger or equal than zero they will be prevented from going negative again.


Manufacturing issue process

When we issue materials to a shop order, Allow negative stock is unchecked, and stock is insufficient to fully issue, a message is prompted that ‘This item has insufficient stock’. It is not possible to issue a quantity exceeding the stock.


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Manufacturing backflush process

Upon making a manufacturing receipt, all shop order materials that are checked for Backflush will be automatically issued. When Allow negative stock is unchecked, the shop order materials that have insufficient stock will not be issued and a message is generated in the Backflush overview.


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When stocks have become sufficient, we can proceed with a manual issue from the Backflush overview | Materials by checking the item and Process:


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