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Improved insight in your sales process

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Off course you want to serve your customer the best possible way. This does not end at the moment of a committed sale. An order and sometimes a quote needs to be processed the right way to meet the expectations that have been set while making the sale. The right price, the right quantity and on time. A sales process includes multiple activities. A clear and quick understanding in the overall sales process steps is key and all details should be at your fingertips.

A sales order can origin from various sources. Manual entry, a web shop, via EDI, a replenishment advice or e.g. a quotation. The order can be delivered in full, partially or in full but via multiple shipments. Invoices can be created upfront or after delivery and based on the quantity delivered or quantity ordered. So multiple scenarios apply.


sales order insght02

Apart from the insight that is already visible in overviews and via dashboards, soon additional indicators will become visible in various screens within the sales process itself. Related activities are visualized with icons that represent the status of an activity with the possibility to drill down into details of that activity. All to provide better insight in sales orders, save time, act faster and watch over your customer service.



Visual insight in the sales order process will become available in a controlled release in Q4 of 2015. When you are using Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and are interested in participating then please submit a request in Exact Online.



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