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Enhancements to the manufacturing shop paper layout

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The shop paper layout of Exact Online for Manufacturing contains sections for material lines, routing lines and by-product lines. The usability of these sections is constrained by the property that all fields should repeat in each section. This enhancement makes it possible to create separate layouts for each of the sections and has included a number of fields that were previously not available for the layout.

Creating separate layouts for materials, routing and by-products

In the layout editor for the shop paper (Master data: Overview | Layouts, Layout for | Shop paper), upon editing Lines, we can now choose between Details, By-product details, Material details and Routing details. The choice Details has the properties of the original layout. Any of the other choices makes it possible to create a separate layout for by-products, materials or routing. All fields of the bill-of-material lines have been added to the details.


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Examples of layouts that can be created with the new sections


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The enhancements to the shop paper will be released in October in the UK and subsequently in other countries.


More information with Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com


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