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Improved tracking & tracing for Serial numbers

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Serial numbers are used to identify a unique product. It is used for equipment, electrical components and consumer goods, from a forklift-truck, laptops, smartphones to e.g. bicycles and for various reasons. A serial number can determine the origin of the product, can be used to check the (service) history of a product and whether or not a warranty is applicable.


In Exact Online it is possible to register or scan Serial numbers when receiving, using or delivering products and we have many customers in Wholesale and Manufacturing that benefit from this. Up until now it was not a must to register serial numbers upon receipt. The rationale behind this is that in the event of receiving products in large quantities and they always come from the same supplier it can be cumbersome to unpack and register or scan individual Serial numbers before putting them away in a warehouse. Only upon delivery or usage for production, serial numbers needed to be registered.

A downside of this way of registration is that it is not possible to trace serial numbers back to the original delivery and supplier, making it hard to check related items from that supplier in the event of a defect. It also can give issues when warranty is based upon the receipt date of the products.


New setting 

A new setting is introduced: “Serial numbers required”. This setting can be found at the “Inventory” section and when “ON”, a Serial number is required at all transactions whether in- or outgoing.  Users will be guided through a process of linking serial numbers to existing inventory before activating the setting.



It’s now possible to make registration of Serial numbers mandatory for all transactions!


This enhancement will become available in the coming days for all customers using Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Advanced & Premium as well as the Exact Online Manufacturing Advanced edition.




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