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Enforcing serial numbers for shop order receipts

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


To some manufacturers it is important that produced serial number items can be traced back to the shop order. This trace may provide insight in the origin of the used parts (as they could have serial or batch numbers too), the employees involved, the time of manufacture and documents or remarks attached to the originating shop order. A new enhancement makes it possible to enforce the registration of serial numbers when the shop order is received.


Current rules for serial numbers

The current rules enforced for serial and batch numbers are best summarized as follows: When we receive a batch number item (from a supplier or a shop order), it is mandatory to enter the batch number. When we receive a serial number item however, it is not mandatory to enter the serial number. Only when we issue a serial or batch number item (to a sales order delivery or as shop order material), we must enter a serial or batch number. This follows the practice in most trading companies, where serial numbers only become relevant when the warranty period commences (i.e. upon delivery). In that case, the serial number is read from the packaging and entered in Exact Online.


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New inventory setting

A manufacturer may have the need to always assign a serial number upon shop order receipt as it enforces the trace from the product to the originating shop order. We introduce therefore a setting Serial numbers required that will enforce the assignment of serial numbers in manufacturing receipts. (for Wholesale Distribution: in purchase receipts).


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This enhancement is based on solution feedback from customers. It will become available in September 2015 for Exact Online Manufacturing Advanced, Wholesale Distribution Advanced and Premium.


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