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Improvements to Manufacturing Time Entry

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Recording time spent on the shop floor is important for updating the planning and supports actual job costing. Exact Online Manufacturing currently provides for a time entry screen for the shop floor operator and a time approval screen for the manager. We have recently made enhancements to the time transactions process and have released a REST API to create time transactions. This REST API is available to partners who develop shop floor time entry applications.

Improvements to the time transactions process

Until this enhancement, unapproved time transactions would not be shown in the Gantt chart. Only after approval the Gantt chart was updated. We have changed this update to take place already after the time entry by the operator. As before, a financial entry is created only after the time transaction is approved. The below diagram shows the current process:


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New REST API released: Manufacturing TimeTransactions

Until this enhancement, time transactions could be imported via the XML API only. We have released an additional REST API (Get, Put, Post, Delete) that can be used by developers of shop floor time entry applications. Developer information on this API can be found here. Exact has developed this REST API also to support the development of the recently announced shop floor data collection system.

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