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Test-drive our new time & billing dashboard

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

In 2014 a journey was started to enhance the getting started process and main process flows in accounting. Among the first deliverables was a re-designed dashboard – designed with the need in mind to easier manage day-to-day tasks and have immediate insight in the financials of your company.  For professional services firms, we want to continue this journey and provide our users with a central starting point to manage key activities within these firms. Helping them to get started quickly and better manage their projects, resource capacity and billable utilization.

Better manage projects, capacity and utilization

A new interactive dashboard will be the starting point for key actions like creating new projects, approving time and leave entries, and generating invoices. It will also display key indicators such as billability, schedule accountability, budget progress, active projects and available capacity – all at a glance.

new dashboard screenshot

As from now the dashboard will be available in controlled release for all editions (Exact Online for Time & Billing and Project Management) and will soon be made available via Early Access – enabling you to test-drive this dashboard and provide immediate feedback. For more information, please contact remco.kroes@exact.com




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  • Menno Verbon


    Looks very nice and a step forward. But what I’m still missing is calendar exchange/gmail integration. Any idea when this will be available?


    • Remco Kroes


      Hi Menno,
      Thank you for your feedback. End of this year we will deliver calendar integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange, early next year we will deliver calendar integration with Google calendar.


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