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Generate Delivery notes for a selection of Sales orders in one go!

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Wholesale Distributors that are processing high volumes of (small) sales orders that are entered based on availability of products might want to generate delivery notes for multiple orders in one go. Think about companies that process orders that have been entered via a B2B or B2C Web shop, where they are only accepted when sufficient products are available.

Currently each Goods delivery needs to be processed individually. This is for a reason, as quantities ordered can well differ from quantities that have been picked from the shelf in a warehouse. Goods deliveries must then be adjustable in order to have a correct Delivery note per shipment.

What will change?

At Goods delivery it will become possible to select multiple Sales orders from various customers and process them and generate Delivery notes in one go. Processing of these sales orders will only be possible when sufficient stock is available*, when no serial- or batch (lot) items are included and when not delivering from variable storage locations.

With this capability Exact Online customers can further simplify the processing of Sales orders and reduce delivery processing lead time.


This functionality is expected to become available in Q4 of this year for all customers using Exact Online Wholesale Distribution.



*In a previous blog we mentioned developing a stock check at Goods delivery in Exact Online. When this is activated it will also be validated when selecting multiple Sales orders to be delivered.  


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