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Three new stylesheets available in Exact Synergy

Written by Sanja Djuretic on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Previous blogposts explained that the user interface of Exact Synergy in product update 255 is completely redesigned and several pages and cards have a new layout.

The existing styles of previous product updates are no longer available in product update 255 and are replaced by three new styles: Default, Green Sea and Exact. Each styles has its own colors and you can choose which styles you want to use.

On the tab ‘Style’ in the preferences the user can select the style he wants to use.


Below you’ll find some examples of pages in these new styles.

Preferences in styles Default, Green Sea and Exact:


Menu in styles Default, Green Sea and Exact:


Modules menu in styles Exact, Green Sea and Default:


Just like in previous releases the administrator has the possibility to define a default style for all users. Also he can make this style ‘Mandatory’, so the users won’t be able to select a style themselves. This can be done by selecting the desired style on the ’Corporate (Settings)’ tab of the preferences and check the option ‘Mandatory’.


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Comments (2)

  • Armand Wilhelm


    Is al bekend wanneer de 2 nieuwe stylesheets beschikbaar zijn. Afgelopen weekend hebben we een update gedaan van de controlled release 255 maar ze zijn nog altijd niet beschikbaar.


  • Sanja Djuretic


    These two style sheets will be available next week for the controlled release customers.


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