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Innovation news: What is coming up

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

The development team here at Exact Cloud Solutions never stops working on new innovations for Exact Online. Why not take a look at some of the projects they are working on right now? Most are expected to be released over the coming months.

Exact Online Accounting

New purchase/sales entry screen

We are introducing a new entry screen for purchase and sales invoices to have a more efficient way to do your bookkeeping with an easy to use interface. We’ve received great feedback from our users to make the screen even more intuitive.

Standardized Reporting Scheme (Referentie Grootboekschema, Netherlands only)

The Standardized Reporting Scheme (RGS) is a mapping of the general ledger to a standardized reporting format used by Dutch government. The export of reports in RGS format is supported. More on the RGS in http://www.referentiegrootboekschema.nl/home

US accountancy in controlled release

Accountancy will be a new market opportunity in the US and be a differentiator against other industry solutions and with Exact’s history supporting accountants with an accountancy product, it will position us well against Intuit and Xero. Adjustments to support 1099 will be made to our accountancy solution.

Exact Online Professional services

Exact Online supports subscription-run business by offering an all-in one solution including subscription management, CRM, projects and accounting. We worked hard to further enhance our subscription management capabilities. This quarter we released the following improvements:

Service contracts

Offering service contracts next to project-based services offers opportunities for IT services firms to satisfy clients and to monetize on their recurring service needs. As a company you benefit from having a fixed monthly or yearly recurring service income. When selling such service or maintenance contracts the level of effort needed is not always known in advance. In hindsight, you know whether you sold the right contract and made money on them. As a service provider prevent over-servicing on your service contracts. That is why we made it possible for your employees to easily track their time against subscriptions. Per subscription you can track actual billable work (based on hour & cost entries) versus actual invoiced per period. Helping you to avoid losing revenues or identify opportunities to upsell your clients to higher value service contracts.

One-time fees

Next to service contracts, we made some other improvements to our subscription capabilities. It is now possible to include one-time charges in your subscription billings. An example of such a one-off is a set-up or installation fee charged at the start of a subscription.

Easily migrate your subscription history

For subscription-run businesses focusing on growth, it is key to compare future revenue projections with historic subscription data. Comparing future revenues with the past helps you to better spot growth trends. Exact Online offers recurring revenue reporting (link). Making past comparisons is often difficult when migrating to another subscription billing tool. Until now it was not possible to create new subscriptions in Exact Online where the start dates of both the subscription and subscription lines were in the past. Preventing you to migrate your subscription history and comparing future growth projections with past subscription data. We now changed this and added a new field ‘invoicing start date’ to specify the date you want to start invoicing your existing subscription. Enabling you to easily migrate to Exact Online without losing your recurring revenue history. So you don’t have to worry you cannot compare last year’s result with forecasted revenue growth projections.

Status service contracts: Now in controlled release in Exact Online for Project & Contract Management, link to productblog item.

Status one-time fees and invoice start date: Now in controlled release in Exact Online for Project & Contract Management, link to productblog item.

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution

Total sales discount

Upon entry of a quotation or sales order there are scenarios where additional discounts apply on top of a pricelist. Rounding off a total order amount or adding a one off overall discount amount or percentage can make or break a deal. It is also applicable for commercial promotions where “vouchers” or other means of discounts in consumer web shops or B2B e-commerce portals that need to be included in a sales order.

Exact Online Manufacturing

Time entry RESTful API

Within the larger context of building a shop floor data collection app, the entries of shop floor time should be accommodated by a REST API. Besides from the API itself, there are changes required to the core time registration functionality, such as linking employees to work centers in order to have efficiency in the automated time registration processes.

Exact Online Accountancy

Recommend Exact Online to customers

To enable the advising role, we facilitate accountants to invite customers to subscribe Exact Online. Via this innovation accountants are able to increase their customer relationship and support endorsement which is in line with our Exact Accountancy Partner Program.

A new overview via the new ‘Accountancy Dashboard’ and ‘My Exact Online’ provides the accountant an easy way to monitor the customer relationship and to recommend Exact Online. A wizard helps the accountant to select the product that fits best, the type of contract and invoice debtor.

A great benefit for the accountant is that he/she can offer a full service to their clients, based on their own price conditions. Also the accountant gets an overview of all linked clients. Besides, when subscribing, the accountant and client are direct linked.



Many scanners have nowadays the option to mail scanned documents. As well more and more invoices are received electronic by mail as PDF. By introducing Mail2EOL, the ease to upload batches of documents like contracts, notes, purchase and sales invoices will increase significantly. As well this service is nowadays offer great benefit when offering a scan & recognize service.

By adding the option to send invoices, receipts and documents direct by mail to the digital postbox in Exact Online, the service Scan & Recognize will enable accountants and their clients to automate the entry process furthermore. As well CRM-related documents can be easily stored in Exact Online by mail2EOL.


Time entry on Android Smartwatch

This smart new feature means you’ll always stay up to date with tracking your time, anytime, anywhere, via your Android Smartwatch. Just think….you’ll never have to pester people to enter their hours again (please note, the initial launch will take place in the Netherlands only.)

Mobile invoicing

We’re also working on making it more straightforward than ever to create and send invoices – straight from your iPhone or iPad. So you’ll be able to bill for work as soon as the job is done, and check or view invoices whenever and wherever you want.

Exact Online App Centre

Improve developer documentation

Further bringing down the time investment of developers in developing connections with Exact Online by restructuring the Table of Content, more hands on tutorials (including OAuth2 example), more business cases (one for each complex entity). In the reference documentation, for each endpoint we’ll link to the related help documentation

Partner report for app connections

Partners need insight in the usage of their apps like daily API activity, per app in EOL Partner Dashboard.

All products

Enhanced navigation

We will redesign the show all pages and help customers to understand the enhanced navigation easy through clear communication of changes. Next to that we will make it easier for users recognize the company they are working in, improve the visual design of top part menu

Enhanced import master data

We will provide for the top imported entities an Excel template with predefined fields to make the use of the import feature much easier. A customer can use this template to import data easily without creating his own template. Users will be prompted to create a backup before import.



Exact Online operates in a fast-moving market. New trends, specific customer requests and all sorts of unforeseen matters mean our product roadmap is always subject to change. So although we can tell you about what we’re working on right now, we cannot guarantee it.

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