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Avoid stock quantities from going NEGATIVE in Exact Online.

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

In a world where customer service is key you must be able to rely on the number of products on stock when making commitments towards your customers. Regular counting of products in your warehouse will for sure help, but differences are not always noted in time. It is therefore that Exact Online will soon also enable you to block any delivery of products when it would lead to a negative quantity in stock. As stock levels can physically not become negative it is a true indicator that the system is out of sync with reality.

When starting with a system to manage your Sales, Inventory management and Purchasing next to Accounting, the first priority is often to get incoming Sales orders processed and Invoices paid. If this means that stock levels become negative since you did not yet register the latest receipts from suppliers, then that can be something to worry about in the future. But when you do manage Inventory and Purchasing in the system, having your stock levels go negative can be a dangerous pitfall and can well harm your business because while you think all processes are running smoothly and start committing delivery of products based on the stock levels you retrieve from your system, the stock levels must be accurate. So products that are received from suppliers must be registered before they can be shipped to customers to provide accurate insight in stock quantities.

Soon it will become possible to block deliveries of products that will lead to a negative stock quantity in Exact Online. Also when the products are physically available it will not be possible to process the delivery. When this happens the process stops so the cause of the difference can be investigated as it happens. And no longer when it is too late and you have to contact your customer that what was promised cannot be delivered because you do not have your system in order.


StockCheckEN example

When the setting is “ON”, it is only allowed to do a partial delivery in the situation presented above.


The option of not allowing your stock becoming negative is planned to become available in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution as per Q3 of 2015.


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