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A new lay-out for requests

Written by Sanja Djuretic on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Previous blogpost explained that the user interface of Exact Synergy is completely redesigned and that the person card is also updated.

By the introduction of the new interface, the existing styles are no longer available in product update 255. The existing styles are replaced by new styles. In product update 255 three new styles will be available. In the image below you can see an example of the request lay-out for these three styles: Default, GreenSea and Exact.

The boxes with the request steps (Create, Approve, Realise and/or Process) are now placed close to each other and the arrow in between are removed. The arrow in the box itself and the font color indicate the current status of the request.

The tabs are placed in a row and the alignment of the fields on the tabs has changed. A colored line indicates which tab is the active tab. This colored line is also displayed when you hover over an inactive tab.

Further the position of the ‘Created/Modified’ and ‘Status’ information is adjusted. This can be found on the top right of the request.



Besides the changes mentioned here there are also several changes within other parts of Exact Synergy Enterprise. Soon you can read more about them on this blog.

The controlled release phase for product update 255 starts in May 2015. If you are interested to participate, please send an email to productreadiness@exact.com.

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