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Hour Entry app available

Written by Sonja Bloemers - Blom on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Time registration made easy!

Nobody really enjoys time registration. It is however a necessity for the accurate and timely invoicing of your customers. However there is some good news now: with this app registering hours is as simple as clicking a button!

Full insight

Through crystal clear day- and week overviews you have full insight in all your planned activities and capacity planning. Finished a job early? Instantly adjust the duration and submit the hours.

Not everything in life goes as planned. That is why we also made it easy to add and register unplanned activities. And through the overdue menu you’ll quickly see if you missed any hours.

For this app you need an Exact Synergy environment with PSA, release 254 or higher.

You can download the app via Google Play en iTunes.



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Comments (2)

  • Mark


    When will the PSA timesheet functionality be supported?


    • Sonja Bloemers - Blom


      Hi Mark,

      We want to support the timesheet functionality in the Hour Entry app. To include this functionality in the app, some services need to be created / adjusted for Exact Synergy Enterprise. I will keep you updated via this Blog if these services are planned so we can estimate when we can support it in the app.



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